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EasyJet Initiates Price Guarantee On BFS Services

Thu Oct 28, 2004 2:04 am

easyJet is taking the price war one step further with it's flights from Belfast to select UK destinations. If after booking a flight on on one of the below routes and you see another airline advertising the same route cheaper they will refund the difference.

Belfast to Bristol
Belfast to Edinburgh
Belfast to Glasgow
Belfast to Liverpool
Belfast to Newcastle

Judging by the routes, these are all routes easyJet competes against FlyBE with, other than FlyBE operates into Belfast City airport.

FlyBE has reacted to this price promise by offering flights for £9.99 return including tax, which even beats Ryanair's "so called" FREE flights once you have added tax.

Over the last week or so FlyBE has been declaring war on many of the UK's major LCC by launching services from Liverpool and going head to head from Birmingham with numerous LCC within the Midlands to Spanish destinations. This seems to be quite reversal from their old stategy which was to operate niche routes from certain regions of the UK and didn't really have much competition on these routes.

I just hope FlyBE know what they are doing and "not playing with fire" and doesn't end in tears, as we need to face it, easyJet is going to come out the winner here regardless of what happens.

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