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BAe 146-200 Reverse?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 2:48 am

Some months ago I downloaded a BAe 146-200 to my flightsimulator but it didn't have reverse on it's engines. I therefore searched the net for one that had and flew with it for a while.

Now, a week ago, I flew with one of Braathens-Malmöaviation's BAe 146-200 (Stockholm-Malmö-Turin and Turin-Stockholm) and I noticed that it didn't reverse during landing.

Doesn't the aircraft have reverse or was the runway long enough to use without reverse?

Great plane anyway.

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RE: BAe 146-200 Reverse?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 2:53 am

The BAe-146 does not have reverse thrust on any of it's engines.

RE: BAe 146-200 Reverse?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 5:03 am

These aircraft were never fitted with reversers...They have those massive airbrakes built into the tail cone and spoilers that span the upper wing surfaces...there is really no need to fit the engines of this sort of aircraft with the additional weight and complexity of reversers...
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RE: BAe 146-200 Reverse?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 7:41 am

Tjenis! (I guess)
As you might have noticed, the plane didn't have much speed on landing. It deploys the rear airbrake a moment before touchdown, partially to slow it down, and partially to let the plane go into that steep dive that makes the plane able to land wherever it wants to. So, the plane has no need for such a thing as a thrust reverser.

Ha det!

RE: BAe 146-200 Reverse?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 9:48 am

One of the reasons for BAE (today's AIR) to go for that option was that it makes the aircraft a lot quieter than a a reversing aircraft, which makes it suitable for airports with special noise restrictions such as BMA and LCY. If it was fitted with reversers I wouldn't bet they would have got permission to fly on either BMA or LCY.