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Anyone Ever Had A Close Call?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 4:32 am

Just wondering if there are any fellow pilots out there who want to share their stories with the rest of us.
I myself once had a very close one. I was flying VFR
at 1500 feet straight and level , suddenly at my 10 came another aircraft at the same altitude about 15 meters away. I instinctively made a rather hard pull up
and the other aircraft passed under me with just a few meters to go. I did not see the registration on the aircraft but never the less I landed and filed an ATIR
right away.
Anyone else who had a close one???


RE: Anyone Ever Had A Close Call?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 4:51 am

I have had a couple of close calls, First was on one of my first flights some guy was not speaking to Socal. He flew at about 100 feet above us. The other week I had another close call but it was about 300-500 below us but that is still far to close as when ATC called him out to me he was underneath me!
But the best was haveing a FedEx MD-11 come close but not that close but as it was so big it seemed a lot closer!|Iain

RE: Anyone Ever Had A Close Call?

Thu Mar 09, 2000 6:58 am

Hi all,

Well, I was flying VFR with my instuctor in a Piper Cherokee PA-28. We had just left one of the training areas used by the local flight school . It was a small runway on a inhabited island in Conception Bay, Newfoundland.
We had just crossed over the eastern side of the island and were over water. I was climbing to 1500ft ASL to join the circuit into St. John's airport on an extended downwind. We were in communication with St. John's tower.
All of a sudden, a Cessna 172 floatplane flew right in front of us and was coming straight at us. He flew over us with about 150ft to spare. Needless to say, my instructor and I were s**tbaked. We contaced the tower and told them of the incident and they told us that the 172 was neither radar identified or in radio contact.
Since we were in a nose up position in a climb (about 500 ft/min), we could not see him. It was a perfectly clear summers day.
If he had been flying using proper VFR rules and was in radio and radar contact, a near collision could have been avoided.
My instructor and I were shaken up when we landed. We filed a report on the incident, but I never heard anything about it after. The careless use of common sense and lack of proper flying skills almost lead to a mid-air collision.
Fly carefully!!