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What Will The Future Of Freighters Be?

Sun Oct 31, 2004 3:50 pm

Currently, CX and thos airlines operate the new 744F. So does EVA.

Yet, what about NW or JL or NH that operates the classics? I understand that the freighters can last longer than pax planes but still, they have to be replaced sooner or later. JL is replacing with 74F and is going to convert to of their PAX ac to a freighter in 2006? I think it was. NCA also has the 74F on order and I think this trend will continue because they have seen a mistake on the 747SR (Short Range) conversion because this ac can only flight short distances and has many restrictions on the route it can fly.

What remains vague is NW's freighters. I think KE is operating the MD-11's on the cargo routes but no classic 747? What will be the future? Will they also see a replacment by two men cockpits?
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