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IL-76 Birdstrike In Sudan

Fri Nov 05, 2004 4:11 pm

A Trans-Attico IL-76 hit a large falcon dead center on the nose, denting it inward with a 6 inch deep(inverse) 10 inch wide dent. Its kind of funny, this thing had to have been right on target to do this, as teh dent is almost perfectly centered on the nose. Unlike western aircraft the nose is made of hardened steel, you could see the corrosion forming already. I drove out to it, as it is in SHJ now, it was quite a site, me and our MX manager had a little laugh about how good the birds aim was.

Sudan has major problems with bird strikes, our IL that was down there suffered 8 in three months, but as the engines have intake fairings (ex military birds) anything that enters the engine is minced before it even gets to the fan or compressor blades. Only one birdstrike required any maintenance on the engines.