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Air France And The Situation In Ivory Coast

Sun Nov 07, 2004 7:00 pm

AF has cancelled the daily B772 flight CDG-Abidjan (ABJ), the plane returned yesterday to CDG after 20 minutes.
Any news about the AF crew who is in still in Abidjan for the night stop ?

Air Ivoire (VU), A321 flight ORY-MRS-ABJ has been rerouted to Lome (LFW), in Togo. What about other VU's F28 in Abidjan?

French Army destroyed the entire Ivory Coast air force — two Russian-made Sukhoi 25 jets and five helicopter gunships Mi24.
France scrambled three Mirage fighter jets to West Africa and ordered about 300 troops to ready for deployment in Ivory Coast.

In Abidjan, French troops fired in the air and shot tear gas to hold back massive mobs trying to overrun the main French military base near Abidjan Airport.
French and Ivory Coast troops traded gunfire on the tarmac of the international airport, as Ivory Coast troops tried to destroy French aircraft there in retaliation (a Transall). An airplane was lightly damaged before negotiations ended the clash.

Do you know if the airport is still closed?

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RE: Air France And The Situation In Ivory Coast

Sun Nov 07, 2004 7:37 pm

SN Brussels Airlines, the only other European airline serving ABJ, has today also cancelled its non stop flight to ABJ. They are looking into it on a daily basis, so no decision has been taken about tomorrow's flight.

SN Serves ABJ 4 times weekly: on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on A330-300.

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RE: Air France And The Situation In Ivory Coast

Sun Nov 07, 2004 7:47 pm

Air Gabon,

I am not sure that the AF Crew was satying in ABJ during the layover this week .
The AF security section is constantly in contact with the French Security Services, especially in ABJ where the situation is "up and down" for a while... When the situation begins to become too "uncertain", the CREW were not staying in ABJ but were taken by a private to LFW or COO, and as the situation began to deteriorate quite a few days ago, I think AF was already informed by the French Governm't Services.