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Webpages/Data Aviation: List/Help Needed For Reg!

Sun Nov 07, 2004 8:34 pm

Dear all,

so often people on this site could help me with some research purposes. Now again, I need some help.

I once upon a time I visited a nice webpage I forgot to bookmark. It was a database on all registered a/c, with history, some configuration/tech specs etc.. does anyone know the address of this site or other sites with the same content I can check fleet histories, registered a/c etc..? I checked the archive and could not find the link.

Then, I am preparing a list of some webpages on Indian Civil Aviation (also some international references) for a publication - should not be overwhelming big, only a set of some sites. I just past my provisional list.. maybe some people have some advice for other pages?? Many, many Thanks!

Authorities International Civil Aviation Organization International Air Transport Association Ministry of Civil Aviation, India Director General of Civil Aviation in India Airports Authority of India US Dep of Transportation

Indian Careers and Airports Air India (German: Indian Airlines Air Sahara Jet Airways Air Deccan Kingfisher Air

Kochi Airport (probably the only represenative website)

Miscellaneous Skytrax And yes, this site will be elaboratrly presented in the article and acknowledgements! Great job, guys!  Big grin Airwise news
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