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OS F70 To Italy? NG 736 To Germany?

Fri Nov 12, 2004 9:33 pm

Hi everybody,

are there any Austrian Airlines flights to Italy on which one can be reasonably sure that the equipment used is the Austrian (NOT Tyrolean) F70?

Same goes for the Lauda 737-600, any chance of getting on that one without just going to the airport, waiting what shows up and then buying a full-fare ticket?

The reason I´m asking this is as follows: I´d like to book a Miles&More award flight from Germany to Europe and back which involves the following equipment: Air Dolomiti, Contact Air, OS F70, NG 736.

I figured it should be something like

Germany-MUC Contact Air
MUC-Italy Air Dolomiti
Italy-VIE OS F70
VIE-Germany NG 736
(or vice versa)

but first I´d like to get some input whether this is feasible at all.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Smile