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B747's @ DFW

Sat Mar 11, 2000 3:54 pm

I likes to know how much of the airport can handle mostly 747's at DFW same as other large commercial airports... Could DFW handle more than 4 747's with Korean Air 747-400, JAL 747-400, and Lufthansa (former operations) 747-400 .... and more airlines with 747's on da way ...???

I heard that Delta never operated a few Md-11's at DFW at all...

We wants DFW to looks special here with cute Md-11's, and 747-400 just as New Zealand & Australia !!

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RE: B747's @ DFW

Sat Mar 11, 2000 11:45 pm

of course it can handle 747's! dfw is huge, american may not fly 747s but there are times when a few md-11s, 777's, and 767's arrive at the same time. that can cause the same amount of people as a few 747s
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RE: B747's @ DFW

Sun Mar 12, 2000 12:18 am

if you ever drive by the international terminal(if you are entering from or exiting to dallas) at around the time when most of the international flights land, you can usually see a JAL 747-400,Lufthansa A-340, and a British Airways 777 and there is also a bunch of AA 767, MD-11, and 777, and DC-10 on the ground. plus there are delta 767 and L1011 on the ground so that is a couple of 747's and @ night when KAL comes in and cargo operations are on,literally DFW could handel a lot of 747's at the same time, its a matter of the airlines operating them to DFW
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RE: B747's @ DFW

Sun Mar 12, 2000 3:50 am

DFW gets a few 747s. As someone already pointed out the JAL747 comes in daily. Korean flies their 747 in 3 times a week on passenger flights. Korean and China air also fly their cargo 747s in about 3 times weekly although these are usually operated by Atlas air aircraft these days. (JAL will go to an MD11 from Apr 1, although they will go back to the 747 from Nov).
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