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Fuel Costs.

Sat Mar 11, 2000 4:10 pm

I was wondering how much of an impact the recent rise in the cost of oil and inturn fuel, will have on the airline industry? Does anyone forsee an increase in airline ticket prices in the next 4 to 5 months?
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RE: Fuel Costs.

Sat Mar 11, 2000 5:08 pm

I have no idea but it'd be interesting to know how much they pay for fuel anyway.
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Tickets And Fuel Prices

Sun Mar 12, 2000 12:35 am

I don't know how much airlines pay for fuel, but Continental announced yesterday- or the day before- that their fare prices were going up as much as FORTY DOLLARS for each ticket. Doesn't sound very FARE to me! Sorry, couldn't resist.

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RE: Fuel Costs.

Tue Mar 14, 2000 2:05 am

As of 29 Feb of this year, CO paid $.88/US Gallon for jet fuel. A year ago, that fugure was $.36 . That is a direct quote from CO's CEO. Another quote is that for every $1.00 increase in the cost of oil, CO's yearly fuel costs go up $40 million. I would think the numbers for most other airlines are similar.
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