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Center Gears

Wed Jan 20, 1999 3:01 am

In addition to the DC-10, the A340 has a center gear, and if you're riding on one, I suggest you pay attention at touchdown, because you seem to 'land'
three times: once while the outer main gear touches ground, followed by a second landing as the center main goes 'thud', followed by the nose gear -
which is short. Has anybody else noticed this? Must be frustrating for pilots wanting to make a good landing ..... they must do it three times in one go.
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RE: Center Gears

Wed Jan 20, 1999 3:04 am

this way you get three landings for the price of one.

RE: Center Gears

Wed Jan 20, 1999 3:10 am

Do you get to log all 3?
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RE: Center Gears

Wed Jan 20, 1999 3:58 am

The use of the central gear depends on the weight of the plane. Sometimes it's used, sometimes not.

By the way, in the last 2, 3 days, this forum is getting many non Civil Aviation related posts. I don't learn nothing with those posts, just lose time and money while waiting to download they.

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