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My Trip Report: OSL-AMS-VIE With KLM

Sun Mar 12, 2000 12:39 am

As you may have recognised I have been away for 10 days. During this time i have been in Vienna and Budapestand i will know tell about my flight experiences.

1. Leg OSL-AMS (Friday 25.02.00)

Left my home at 4:30 in the morning for a 45 min drive to Osl airport. Checked in for kl 1140 at 5:30 and went trough the security checks. Then i spendt som time taking pictures and eatig a muffin before we boarded the plane which was a b 737-406 PH-BDU named Marco Polo. I found my seat 21 A and discovered that it was quite spacious. Flight leaved 3-4 min after scedule at 07:03 and taxied to the deicing area. After deicing we taxied to rwy 19L (the new one) and took of bound for schipol. After takeoff the crew, which was VERY friendly and alwasy smiling, gave us refreshing towels and served a hot baugette with cheese and ham before a hot blubery muffin. The food was delishious. We flied over Denmark at flightlevel 350 (35000 feet) When we started our descent into AMS i was allowed to visit the flightdeck for about 15 mins while descenting from fl 300 to 120. the pilots vere very friendly, and told me alot about the instruments, AMS airport etc..
the flighttime was 1:35 h and we touched down at rwy 18 ( I think)
taxied to gate D 05. flight was vey smooth and crew very nice.

2. Leg AMS-VIE

After leaving the a/c we had to "hurry" to gate D1 which is a bus terminal located at AMS's ground flor. After going trough the securities checks at the gate a bus drived us out to our a/c KLM 737-306 PH-BTD "James Cook" from December 1992. Found my seat which was 21A this time also. The flight leaved AMS on rwy 24 as kl 1841 to Vienna at 10:00. After take-off the crew served hot-towels , and a pancake stuffed with mushrooms + roll and jam. The dessert was a duch cake. The flight time was 1:35h and we landed at viennas rwy 34 or 16 after after another nice flight with KLM

The story continues.. (sorry for my spelling)

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