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Sun Mar 12, 2000 2:42 am

Last month I flew UA from BWI to SEA and back. United is one of my favorite airlines and I fly them whenever I can. All four of my flts were on widebody aircraft. That's the main reason I like UA..Plenty of large A/C

2/19..BWI-ORD UA DC-10-30....I was looking forward to this flt b/c as we all know the DC-10 is vanishing. The flt was right on time( Gate A2 5:25pm) and I was surprised that only 90 pax were on the aircraft. The second cabin of coach had no more than 30 pax so I chose 33A right behind the wing. I noticed the smell of exhaust as soon as the engines were turned on but it disappered quickly. We took off very quickly to the NW? (I guess we were light) and climed very steeply up to our altitude. There were only snack mix and soda served and we started our decent into ORD. The sky was overcast and I could see the orange glow of the lights shining through. Even on final approach with the gear down we weren't under the clouds but once we broke through as usual Chicago is the second best city to land in at night (NYC is the best to me). We arrived at gate C23 about 20 mins early...Next flt was UA 337 767-300 gate C19 at 7:30pm..Again this flt wasn't even half full. We took off to what seemed to be the NW again. (The first and second flts didn't have the "from the cockpit" feature). We were given a choice of pasta or chicken. I went with chicken and not to my surprise it was very good. I slept for most of the flight and was awaken by the pilot announcing out decent into SEA-TAC.. I was sitting in 34A and while we were decending I saw what appeared to be a ski-resort in the middle of nowhere. There was total darkness except for these very bright lights..That was a really nice.. The pilot told us were were about 60 miles from SEA-TAC at the time. We made a left turn and I got a perfect view of the city at night. During our approach we flew right over the Boeing plant for the narrowbody A/C and arrived 35 mins early at gate N9..This post is pretty long so I'll do the return trip in a day or two..For those of you interested it was my favortite the 777 changing to a 763...