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OO Facilities At SFO And LAX

Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:16 am

Im kinda confused as to where OO aircraft (UX only) park at LAX and SFO...I know there are remote terminals..are there any good pictures of these terminals? Also, do CRJs use the remote terminal at LAX, or only EM2s? And how does the bussing work? What are the facilities like? Any one got some info?
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RE: OO Facilities At SFO And LAX

Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:29 am

When Skywest first started operating for UAX they used terminal 6, but a few years ago they moved to a remote terminal that is near the maintenance facilities on the east side of the airport. It is just east of Sepulveda blvd. The building is absolutely horrible and consists of about 3 portable classroom sized buildings that the buses pull up to and then you walk to your plane. It is probably one of the worst terminals used by UA. EMB120s use the remote terminal almost exclusively. The gates are 71C-K(I believe) and there is a bus that leaves terminal 7 (right across from the Red Carpet Club) that takes you to the gates. The trip is really short, but you get to pass really close to the widebody gates and are almost directly under the tail of a 747, which is quite a sight. The buses leave frequently.

Since Shuttle by United disbanded, Skywest has used terminal 8 gates (in conjunction with Ted) for their CRJs. These gates are a lot better then the remote terminal. I don't know of any pictures of the UAX remote area, but there are pictures of terminal 8.

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Photo © Sam Chui

The CRJ gates are on the right
The remote terminal is just off the picture is further to the right beyond the road a bit

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RE: OO Facilities At SFO And LAX

Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:13 pm


It's been a while since you flew UAX out of LAX. They now have a brand new building that they use for the remote operations. It's very nice, new, modern facility. Nice plasma display screens for all of their flights.... still no food facilities though (if my memory serves me right).

CRJ (and even some CR7) flights occasionally operate out of the remote terminal... but not always. I often seen them parked over there when I drive by.

The remote terminal in SFO has CRJ flights that operate out of there quite often. It's a decent terminal, although a little dated. The shuttle in SFO leaves very often from get 87A. The terminal is located (correct me if my direction is off) to the west of the International Building. When I worked for OO, I loved flying out of the remote terminal (unless it was raining) just to see all the widebody aircraft that was parked at the int'l terminal. I remember seeing about 10 or so UA 747's and 777's and an ANA 777 at the terminal- puts into perspective just how small CRJ's are.
The LAX shuttle to the remote building leaves often as well from get 71. If you ever fly out of there, make sure you get food first if you're hungry (I recommend La Salsa) in T7 as there are only vending machines at the remote. Also, the UAX gates in T8 are almost all CRJ flights. However, I don't know if this is still the case, but they were operating all SAN departures out of gate 88 - EMB or CRJ. Hope this info helps!

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RE: OO Facilities At SFO And LAX

Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:20 pm

Flyboy. To answer your question with regards to SFO. UAEX terminal is located almost directly across from the end of concourse G (Intl). The move was for 2 reasons. UA need more space and SFO started some dumb ass policy of no props parked at a gate. This has hurt them getting a few QX flights with Q400's. At SFO, OO parks all the E120 remote, but the CRJ's go to remote and main terminal. I couldn't find a pic. Maybe someone else can post a good one.

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RE: OO Facilities At SFO And LAX

Mon Nov 15, 2004 5:07 pm

Some of the CRJs park at gates 77-79 in addition to the remote terminal.