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What's Next For PBI?

Tue Nov 16, 2004 6:42 am

Seems lately that PBI is somewhat forgotten......it is a GREAT airport and has just undergone new highyway access. Are the airport authorties gearing up for new services or attemtping to lure new service?

US has a new focus city in FLL.
B6 ramping up service into FLL from JFK/LGA.
even RSW is getting more flights.

anyone have thoughts?? some airlines/pairs I I would LOVE to see are listed below.

WN PBI-BNA ( had it for a while)

have at it everyone! safe flying!!! Thanks in advance for any input!

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RE: What's Next For PBI?

Tue Nov 16, 2004 7:12 am

All of those look like good possibilites, it would be great to see DEN - PBI, PHX-PBI and SLC-PBI someday as their is no non-stop service west of ORD, IAH or DFW from PBI.

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RE: What's Next For PBI?

Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:18 am


i've communicated via email with dick haller, who is the head of airport marketing for PBI. he sent me an email that got my hopes up regarding new service. i'm pretty confident that they are doing their best to attract new service, but FLL really does present a problem. it's become a real focus for airlines, and they seem to believe that palm beach county residents are perfectly willing to drive to FLL to fly on certain flights. i happen to disagree. however, i do think that the PBI folks could do more to market PBI in area such as new york, boston, etc, just to drive up passenger #'s so that we would be more a bargaining force. this season, we are getting jetsgo, and air canada added a non-stop to montreal, but like you, i want to see west coast non-stops - i.e. LAX, DEN, PHX, SLC.

here's the email from the PBI marketing manager...(in my email to him i had complained of the lack of west coast service to PBI):

Your point is well taken. As you may know National Airlines had scheduled daily nonstop service from PBI to Las Vegas starting in November of 2002 and the advance bookings were very good. Unfortunately National went out of business three weeks before the service was to start. Since then we have been working with Song, Jetblue, America West and Spirit to get one or more of them to give us that service. As for Denver, Frontier had planned to start service from here this past November but instead decided to postpone it and use the plane to shore up existing routes in Denver against United. We are hoping to get it this fall. Delta this past month started direct, onestop roundtrip service to San Diego which gives us decent access to southern California. There is no doubt our proximity to Ft. Lauderdale hurts us sometimes, as they are currently the fastest growing airport in the country, according to Dept. of Transportation figures, and airlines seem to feel they can drive traffic from Palm Beach Co. to FLL, which to a degree they do. We spend a lot of time with the airlines showing them the demographic changes taking place here with a migration of population into PBI from the south and the growth taking place in the three counties to our north, making PBI a distinct market. This is why Southwest, Airtran and Jetblue came here and are growing their schedules each year. We will get much of the service you refer to in the near future as we continue to grow. The airlines are well aware of PBI's progress as in 2003, for example, PBI led all major Florida airports in traffic growth vs. 2002 at +9.6% vs. FLL at +5.29%, Tampa at +0.19%, Orlando at +2.50% and Miami at -1.55%.

Dick Haller
Director Airport Marketing
Palm Beach International Airport

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