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Anyone Seen Iran Air EP-IAC Recently?

Wed Nov 17, 2004 2:00 am

Sorry to post another 747SP query, but Tommy Mogren and I are trying to nail down the current status of a couple SPs for our database... You'd think that with only 45 aircraft out there, and with a third of them already scrapped, it wouldn't be that hard, right?

Has anyone recently seen, or know what the current status is of Iran Air's EP-IAC?

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This plane did an emergency landing at PEK on Jan 15, 2004, after a hydraulic failure, and ended up scraping along it's nose when the nose wheel wouldn't deploy. I haven't been able to find any definitive information on this plane since the incident. I heard, but can't confirm, that it may have had another almost identical failure and emergency landing about two months later.

This was a fairly frequently photographed plane in the database, but there have been no photos posted showing it since the January incident, which leads me to suspect it may be parked somewhere.

Is this plane still in service? Anyone seen it recently?
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RE: Anyone Seen Iran Air EP-IAC Recently?

Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:57 pm

Well, some of my sources say this plane, once a frequent visitor to LHR, has not been heard from on ACARS in quite some time...

Has anyone else logged this plane recently?

Sorry to give life to this old thread... I'm thinking she's been WFU...