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F9's Active Fleet?

Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:39 am


Does anyone by chance have a link that shows F9's Current Fleet. If not maybe a list you could post in here. I mainly want all the tail numbers along with type. Any help is appreciated.

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RE: F9's Active Fleet?

Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:42 am

This is the last press release from the company, listing the fleet:

Since then, they have taken delivery of the 7th A318th - N807FR.

They have also announced that all the 737's will be retired by April 11, 05.


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RE: F9's Active Fleet?

Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:58 am

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RE: F9's Active Fleet?

Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:26 am

Hi everyone.

MSYTristar and Frntman are more of an expert on our company fleet than I am....but I'll just post what I can get from our employee Web site.

Airbus A319

Ship Reg. Tail
901 N901FR gray wolf "Wally"
902 N902FR wood duck "Woody"
903 N903FR orca "Ozzy"
904 N904FR trumpeter swan "Gracie"
905 N905FR seal "Sherman"
906 N906FR pronghorn
907 N907FR mule deer "Mel"
908 N908FR great blue heron "Holly"
909 N909FR canada goose "Lucy"
910 N910FR cougar "Sal"
912 N912FR red fox pup "Trixie"
913 N913FR hummingbird "Hamilton"
914 N914FR great egret
915 N915FR wild horse
916 N916FR mallard "O'Malley"
917 N917FR snowy owl "Doc"
918 N918FR white-tailed deer "Jake"
919 N919FR ocelot
920 N920FR coyote "Carl"
921 N921FR mountain goat "Fritz"
922 N922FR red fox "Foxy"
923 N923FR raccoon
924 N924FR polar bear cubs "Klondike and Snow"
925 N925FR Dall's sheep
926 N926FR black-tailed deer fawn
927 N927FR bottle-nosed dolphin "Flip"
928 N928FR bobcat
929 N929FR lynx "Larry"
930 N930FR cougar and cub
931 N931FR black bear cub
932 N932FR bald eagle
933 N933FR ferruginous hawk
934 N934FR lynx kitten
935 N935FR sea otter

Airbus A318

Ship Reg. Tail
801 N801FR grizzly bear "Grizwald"
802 N802FR elk "Montana"
803 N803FR rabbit
804 N804FR red fox pups "Mo and Jo"
805 N805FR great gray owl
806 N806FR American bison
807 N807FR cougar

We are also operating 6 Boeing 737-300's that will be retired early next year.


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