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Aruba...and The AA738

Tue Mar 14, 2000 6:34 am

hello I will be flying to AUA soon, has anyone been there? what is the airport like, the approach? etc? thanks!!
And my second question pertaining to the 738.. How many did AA order, and AA's options... I figure the 738's are going to replace the 727's? YESS!!!
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RE: Aruba...and The AA738

Tue Mar 14, 2000 7:14 am

That's right. The 737-800's are replacing the last 727's which will be gone in the middle of the 2000's. American has on firm order no less than 100 of those (I beleive that 25 are delivered already), plus they have on option an additional 400 NG737's including 600's and 700's variants which will replace the MD-80's in years to come. I belive that the retirement of the Super 80's will start soon (think about it, the oldest one is already 16 years old), the last one will be retired in the mid 2010's. By then American should have a huge 737 fleet like today they have a huge MD-80 fleet.
Enjoy your flight to Aruba.

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RE: Aruba...and The AA738

Tue Mar 14, 2000 12:16 pm

There are 105 firm orders, and lots of options as previsouly stated.
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RE: Aruba...and The AA738

Wed Mar 15, 2000 3:25 am

You'll like Aruba alot, be sure and do a jeep tour of the island - you'll have a blast!

I've been there twice. The airport itself is okay, not great. There are no jet bridges, so when you deplane you'll be on the tarmac, it's about a 100yard walk to the terminal. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and be next to a KLM 747! As for the approach, it's right next to an island owned by the Sonesta resort. The end of the runway is not too far from the island, so you can get some terrific spotting in you visit the island. You can visit the island for free if you're staying at the Sonesta, if you're not staying there you can get a one day pass for $10 if I remember right. It's well worth the money! Bring your telephoto lens!

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