Delta 764 Domestic First Class

Sun Nov 21, 2004 4:47 am

According to the Delta 764 has lousy first class seats compared to other aircraft. Can anybody tell me why this is? There seat pitch and width looks similar to other aircraft. Here is a link.
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RE: Delta 764 Domestic First Class

Sun Nov 21, 2004 5:58 am

Seatguru says this because DL ordered the 764 as an L1011 replacement, making it a domestic, high density jet. This includes F class which is domestic first as opposed to the international BusinessElite service they have. Since the planes are only on high density routes to Hawaii and other high density US routes, they have the same service as other domestic aircraft. Only the 763s and 777s have BizElite now that the MD-11s are gone. CO, by comparisson, flies the 764 mainly on international routes and has them equiped with Business/First
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RE: Delta 764 Domestic First Class

Sun Nov 21, 2004 7:13 am

If you are flying do what you need to do to get 7 e/f seats. These are awesome. Their pitch rivals that of BizE.

It is a dense a/c, but the f/c cabin has PTVs (a plus). I like the 764, it also offers one of the better upgrade ratios of DL mainline a/c. I have it at #4 of offering the best ratio of premium seats to normal seats at about 14.34% of seats premium of the 11 DL mainline a/c types.
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RE: Delta 764 Domestic First Class

Sun Nov 21, 2004 4:28 pm

Yes, it is lousy... especially used on a nine to ten hours flight to HNL from ATL. I enjoy the PTVs, but the seats are just not desgined for long flights. I think UA also has similar lousy domestic first class products for Hawaii -- those two class Boeing 767s and 777s have minimal legrooms in domestic F (777 is better with the 2-2-2 seating in F), but the legroom is only slight better than DL's 764s. However, Hawaii is a traditionally low yield market, so I don't think DL will use Biz-Elite 767s to Hawaii -- same as UA. AA and CO and NW are the best airlines with the best premium class product -- International style seats... but I think these airlines used those International fleet to save money -- not having so many a/cs from different configurations, and their 767/DC-10 fleet does international flights too. It allows better a/c utilization. After flying all these airlines, I actually think that NW's DC-10 and CO's Boeing 767s offer the best product up front -- International style seats, and CO somewhat offers a business-first style service (not completely the same, but similar to transcon service... CO used to offer an almost similar product on International flights, such as amenity kits, fancy menus [instead of one page]...).


RE: Delta 764 Domestic First Class

Sun Nov 21, 2004 10:37 pm

Thanks a lot for all of your help guys. Does anybody know if seats 7e/f have limited recline?