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AWK...the Ideal Pacific Hub!

Tue Mar 14, 2000 11:44 am

Has anyone ever looked at the possibility of having AWK (US' Wake Island) as their Pacific hub?

>The runway is 9859' long (WOW!), paved, and in good condition.
>The location of AWK is great! A 757-200 would be able to fly every route to Asia non-stop with a full load (weight restrictions being SIN, KUL, CGK), a 767-200 could do it no problem!
>The location of AWK is also great for every destination in the US, easily reachable by 767-200 (MIA being the farthest at 6700 miles--great circle).

There is plenty of land around the airport (no mountains to move!  )

So...what do you think?!

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RE: Midway

Tue Mar 14, 2000 12:59 pm

Midway is basically a bird refuge surrounded by coral, so turning it back into a base for planes is politically impossible.

Ecotourism is limited to 100 visitors at a time because the island really can't support any more. Your plan would require lots of workers, water and fuel.