Major British Airways Equipment Changes At Lhr!

Tue Mar 14, 2000 12:24 pm

I've just been looking at this Summer's British Airways LHR timetable, and it all appeared normal. The usual aircraft types, routes and frequencies, until I checked the update:-

The A319 is going to be at LHR in A BIG WAY. I thought the A319 would replace the 737 flights, the A320 the 757 flights, leaving the 757 to take over some 767 routes. This isn't the case;

Just about all Manchester and Belfast flights will be operated by A319s from June/July!

2 Daily Oslo roundtrips will be flown by A319s until 31st July

2 Daily Newcastle roundtrips to be flown by A319s from August

2 Daily Aberdeen roundtrips will be flown by A319s starting at the beginning of September (Gary Watt will be pleased!)

The A319 will operate weekend flights to Brussels from September

A few midweek/weekend Glasgow flights will be A319 operated in August/September

This appears to be related to Manchester being kept an all-737 base, with 737-500s being added alongside the 737-300s. This allows A319s to be delivered to LHR earlier than planned!

This came as something of a surprise, I just thought I'd share it. If you want an exact list of A319 flights visit;