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FF Miles On Non-partner Codeshares Of Partners?

Tue Nov 23, 2004 1:46 pm

Hi All,

I'm going to be roadtripping near the end of the month with a buddy but have to return home for a special event in my Dad's life basically the day after I leave (morning/early afternoon of 12/20) and then return to the journey (morning of 12/21).

Since I'm a Worldperks member -- and not too far from my first free ticket -- I'd like to pick up mileage especially since I'm anticipating paying through the nose (or at least the left nostril) for this.

I'm looking at either SFO-LAX or OAK-LAX... I'm turning up a good fare on both "real" AS flights SFO-LAX and codeshared AA flights SFO-LAX. Since AA is the only major US carrier I haven't flown--ever--it's appealing. But my question:

Since it isn't a real AS flight and AA, obviously, is not a Worldperks partner--one of the reasons I haven't flown AA--will I still be able to earn miles by virtue of the fact that it has an AS flight #?

It seems to me that the answer would be "Yes" but I'm not positive and I hate to make assumptions.

Also--would I check in with AS or AA at SFO (I'm assuming I'll find out the answer when I purchase the ticket, but just to be sure...)


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RE: FF Miles On Non-partner Codeshares Of Partners?

Tue Nov 23, 2004 2:20 pm

Rules of thumb:

(1) Make sure the flight number of the ticket belongs to the airline in whose program you want to accrue miles on. Would be worth making sure the "class" (fare) you are paying is not excluded from mileage accrual (as shitty as this sounds, it happens)

(2) Most of the time, you will check in at the counter of the airline on whose flight number you are on, and not at the operating airline's. This is, if you are on an AS ticket for an AS-flight number, operated by AA, most of the time you will check in at an AS counter. There are numerous exceptions.

(3) Make sure to ask for a ticket receipt print-out and boarding pass (boarding pass only if e-ticket), so you can fax to AS later on if such flight is not credited in your acct.

Good luck.

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