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Titan New Colors!

Tue Mar 14, 2000 7:01 pm

Well, after the yellow, after the blu globe here is TITAN again. Displaying a dark blue, or black airvraft with silver stilized logo on the tail. I have to admitt that I do like them a lot. It seams a lot of Airlines that the previous ones. What do you think?

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Savo, Salerno, ITALIA
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RE: Titan New Colors!

Tue Mar 14, 2000 7:20 pm


I like the new colours.

I saw the BAe146 at Aberdeen about 2 weeks ago and at the time, wandered who the airline was.

Gary Watt
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RE: Titan New Colors!

Wed Mar 15, 2000 6:20 am

Really nice colours, funny how they left the "titan moon, of saturn" image and went back to the previous one.
I like it when airlines change the logo by enlargening it so it does not fit the tail, it makes the logo look nicer.
Is that black, or dark blue?