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A/C "Bone Yards"

Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:27 am

Just wondering if anyone has info on A/C bone yards in other countries. I always see foreign airlines in the pics of MZJ/ROW/MHV. Does Australia, China, Russia etc have bone yards too??
Thanks for the info!
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RE: A/C "Bone Yards"

Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:32 am

Kemble in the UK has stored and scrapped aircraft there...

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Photo © Ian Haskell

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RE: A/C "Bone Yards"

Wed Dec 01, 2004 9:28 am

The reason for the bone yards so often being in the US is because of the hot, very dry climate of the Mojave Desert. That is why it is so often airplanes that are stored as opposed to ones broken up completely there. The climate preserves all the parts of the airplane really well and keeps them from corroding. If you see an airplane somewhere else, it is likely B/U
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RE: A/C "Bone Yards"

Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:33 am


However in France , Chateauroux (I hope it is spelled correctly) has some stored and B/U airliners from Air France, Air Inter and Corsair.

In Latin America I know some airports have a great number of derelict aircraft like Lima`s jorge Chavez airport (a lot of 727`s, a 707, DC-8`s, Hercules and even a couple of Tu-134`s. In my home city (MEX, Mexico city) you may find a "scrapyard" in some remote areas near the ATC centre on the other side facing the main terminal and on the nearby tarmac. Some ex TAESA 727`s 100 are there, as well as several DC-9 15`s, Allegro`s engineless 727`s, former Aerpostal`s Hercules, some ex US Air 737`s (used for parts by Aviacsa), and near the Mexicana maintenance centre a lot of retired 727`s (about 8) are awaiting there a new customer or the scrapman (at the moment there is a 727 being B/U). In Guadalajara (GDL) Aeromexico has some stored DC-9`s, an engineless 757 and some Metros. Monterrey (MTY) used to have a great number of retired airframes including 737-100`s from SARO, 727`s from Aviacsa and AeroExo, AeroLitoral Metros` and even a BAC 1-11.

Mexico is still a great country to spot aircraft retired in other places. However the major airlines have just taken DC-9`s and 727`s from service while AeroCalifonia`s DC-9`s should not be long lived. Anyway a lot of retired, derelict and old airframes are to be found in other airports. In TIJ a fomer Okada Air 747 rotted for years near the US border, while in DGO there are some YS-11`s from bankrupt AeroSierra still sitting on the tarmac. Anyway, our biggest scrapyards are to be found in MEX and GDL.


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