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Boeing 747 Intercept In Dutch Airspace

Thu Dec 02, 2004 4:38 am

according to dutch airline-news website a Boeing 747 did not contact the ATC when entering dutch airspace. Following this two F16's were sent out at around 1400 PM wed 1st december, but when they were 60 KM from the aircraft the contact was resumed with the aircaft.

The identity of the airline was not mentioned, though it was flying east to west at FL38, so seems to head to the US or UK. The F16's broke the sound barrier, which is the second time they had to do this over land this past year. The previous time was when an unidentified Air Europe B73x diidn't follow correct procedures between Norway and Spain. It was the fourth time F16's were caleld for duty to intercept an aircraft, other previous times were a.o. a USAF DC9.

Seems to me that this happens quite often, how come? ATC procedures aren't that complex are they? Breaking the sound barrier is not really done so to speak above land, will this result in big fines if airforces are forced into this if a/c fail to get into ATC contact?