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What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 2:37 am

I would like to know on what was your best and your worst aircraft that you've ever flown on and why and with what airline. Describe the experiece. Don't hold back. My worst was BA's 747-200 my flight was taking off from Delhi. I was sitting in business class in 1997 the over head bin above me was broken the light in the lav were out reading lights were cracked, carpet was torn the seats were worn and three lav doors couldn't lock and the side panels were missing bolts and was lop sided. I felt sorry for those in economy. They probably had it worse than I did. Two hour into the flight we had to make an emergency in Kuwait landing due to the # 3 and 4 engines and an oil leak. As we were landing the plane began to shudder alot.Then the pilot came on a said to prepare for a rough ride becase the nose gear wouldn't deploy. Ther was a fighter pilot with the Bristish RAF sitting next to me coming back from vacation and he said that this plane should've been scrapped long ago. Phis was about more than a year that TWA 800 (747-100) went down off of Long Island I do not want to fly on an older 747 ever again in this day and age the average 747-100 and 200 aircraft is over 25 years old My best one was Virgin 747(400 much newer,lights were brighter and not cracked, I loved the interior ,very spacious, roomy and had no problems for a four yearold aircraft.
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 2:56 am

I don't know which flight that was my worst, because i havn't been on any bad flights. Its not easy to find the best flight, but it might be a B747-300 flight from Copenhagen-Bangkok on thai in July 1999. Everything on that flight was perfect. spacious economyseats, nice foods, friendly crew and all this. The ac was very nice the interior was not new, byut not old either it was big frames aroud the windows (perfect to rest your head in) like that you find on old a/c. The noise during takeoff was marvelous, and all looked very good mainteaned. in fact all flights on thai are quite good.

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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 3:10 am

Best - Emirates 777-300 A6-EMM, in Dec99 from London - Dubai. The a/c was only three weeks old. Airliners don't get much better than this.

Worst - Continental DC-10, in 86 or 87, from Houston - Gatwick. Overnight in that centre seat. Cold. Noisy. Glad to get off.
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 3:32 am

The worst flight I have been on was with air europa,
First, we were told there was to be an 11 hour delay due to technical problems with the aircraft.
We were looked after at Humberside Airport by the Airtours and Britannia staff that were there.
They failed to make any contact with the airlines Gran Canaria office.
We were ment to fly at 1:00 (13:00)
and at 6:00 (18:00) we were told they "found" a free aircraft in Geneva.
The aircraft had to fly to Gran canaria first from Geneva which took 2.5 hours than to the UK which took 4 hours.
when it did land I noticed it was a very old 737 300 still in the old colours and with the black nose and the black on the top of the nose.
when we borded
the floor was uneaven
The foam in the seats had gone into hard lumps and there were no inflight magazines, as we taxied the aircraft rattled vilontly. when we took off the overhead bins rattled and banged open and shut. plus my seat was stuck into the recline posistion
and the seat next to me was stuck in the upright position.
The cabin was cold and drafty, and there was no blankets.
The landing was to hard, and like takeoff rattled the overhead bins.
because we only go to europe on holiday
I would have to say My best flight was with Britannia, also from humberside, this was the first flight I had been on that had the new 360 service.


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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 5:54 am

My worst flight was on an Avianca 747-200 in 1992. It was like a bus - I got on at Frankfurt & the flight made stops at Paris & Madrid, before continuing accross the Atlantic to Caracas. Everybody had to get off at each stop and as the pax getting on along the way weren't assigned seats there was no little confusion when re-boarding the plane. Some of the overhead compartments kept opening during the flight and at one stage the cabin crew were handing out the ear-phones while t`e aircraft was on it's takeoff roll! I was glad to get off at Caracas! My bother flew once with Avensa, Miami-Caracas, and after a 7 hr delay the flight got airborne. The inflight entertainment consisted of a game of bingo (I jest not!) and somebody won a free return flight to Miami!
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 9:49 am

Worst airplane? Well, I like all planes, so I would not call it the worst plane, but it was the most scariest. It was a very cold winter night in 1984 and me, dad, and mom were flying from BWI (DC) to Jacksonville, FL on Peidmont. Now Peidmont flew mostly 737 200's early generations at that time.
We were sitting just behind the wing and we were go on the runway for a 7:00 p.m. takeoff. Reving up the engines, it was so loud it sounded like a saturn V rocket taking off, it had to have had the older JTD unmuzzled engines. We rolled down the runway and the whole plane rattled and shook, our ears were splitting from the noise of the engines, and it was as if every nut and bolt was lose and the whole thing was coming apart. Of course, I new that would not happen, but dad hated planes, so he was not a happy camper sitting there. We rolled and rolled as that old 73 was thundering ahead, trying to get airborn. This was the slowest accellerating plane I had ever been on, I mean, it took forever for it to even reach a speed that the nose wheel could be lifted. I really think we used almost all the runway as the jet lurched into the air. We skimmed over the highway that skirts BWI and with the plane still shaking and shuddering, we slowly gained some reasonable altitude. I have to admit, this 737 took me by suprise because I had heard a lot of people refer to them as scooters in the way they shoot down the runway and get airborn. One advantage of being so low on takeoff is that we got a great view of the Nations Capitol as we headed south.
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 11:26 am

I'm not sure which flight I liked most, but it was one of the several times that I flew JFK-LAX in First Class on the DC-10. That's such a great plane, and the service in First on those Flagship flights is excellent.

My worst flight was the United 747-400 that I took from Hololulu to San Francisco last summer. The service was pretty good, but the aircraft was extremely uncomfortable. I was aching when I got off four hours later!
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 1:04 pm

I havent really had a horrible flight. The worst flight I had was on a Delta Airlines 727-200 from ATL-MSP, the flight attendants were rude and the plane was cramped, I was so happy to get off that plane.

The best flight I had was between LAX-HNL on a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-10, It was comfortable, the flight attendants were nice and the food was great, I think Hawaiian got it right on their trans-pacific flights.


Thu Mar 16, 2000 1:21 pm

You say that you flew AV from FRA-PAR-MAD-CCS. I have never known of AV flights from Europe to Caracas as Caracas is in Venezuela, not Bogota, Colombia which is where Avianca is from. Did you mean Bogota and not Caracas?

RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 1:36 pm

The worst flight I've ever had was on a Canadian Regional Fokker F28-1000 from YYC to YVR on the Friday before Thanksgiving in October(Canadian Thanksgiving), last year. The plane was the LOUDEST I've ever been on! There was this high-pitch screeching not unlike a couple of powerful hair dryers just before takeoff and after landing, with a really loud version of a 737-200's noise during flight. There was no way I could hold a conversation with that kind of noise The legroom was BAD. I'm about average)sized for a man, about 5'9" and thin, and yet my knees were really pressing against the seat in front of me. The seats are even smaller than a Dash 8's. During most of the flight, it got really rough, so rough over the Rockies, that none of the FAs could serve drinks and snacks at all! The FAs were pretty nice, though.

Thankfully, my best flight was on a CP 737-200 from YEG to YVR a month later, on Remembrance Day last year. I know they're a bit loud, but it was less of a problem than I expected. And less of a nuisance than an F28. I managed to get an upgrade using my upgrade sticker. (CP's the only airline I know of that offers this.) I had a window seat in the biz class section, and sat next to a recently retired pilot! He was quite interesting, as I learned about the 737's operations and how pilots fly them. He was a PWA pilot in the beginning, and had been a 737 pilot since then until his retirement. Lunch was a cold smoked turkey 'wich which was nice - and a glass of white wine and a couple of Molson Canadians.(no, I didn't get drunk!) The flight was pretty smooth despite the plane not being able to really get above the weather, as the jet stream(the headwinds were very strong there) was right overhead!
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Shear Crapp!

Thu Mar 16, 2000 1:52 pm

I have flown on many different types of Aircraft and I would have to say that Canadi>ns 737-200(the flag-ship of their fleet) is a piece of crap. I have flown on that thing to Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg. They are like 40 years old, dirty, loud, cramped, parts missing. But I think that the worst flight that I have ever had with an airline would have to be(again) Canadi>n. I was flying from Winnipeg(YWG) to Edmonton(YEG). We took off from Winnipeg and they couldn't seem to get this little F-50 off the ground. Finally we got in the air and we kept dropping, like in bad turbulance. The Capt. came over the PA and told us that we have to go back to Winnipeg and some people had to deplane. The grounds workers and Canadi>n mis-calculated the weight and they had too much baggage and bodies. Now I'll tell you, that was freaky. I now fly Air Canada.


Crappy 747

Thu Mar 16, 2000 4:24 pm

I flew on a Northwest 747-451 from Osaka to Detroit. I sat on seat 51K (near the door no.4 right). That seat was crappy. It had a busted reading light, an audio system that has no volume control (cos it was busted too) and can only select channels on one direction (backward - like 6,5,4,3,2,1,6,5,4,3,2,1...). Oh my god I nearly died on that 13 hours flight !!!

RE: Shear Crapp!

Thu Mar 16, 2000 4:40 pm

Yeah, I kinda agree a way about the 737-200. I'm glad to see WestJet doing what CP should've done a long time ago - get rid of them! They're way past their time, even though they've been hushkitted(what difference does it make with the cabin noise - not much!). The older these planes get, the more they become maintenance pigs! The same is true for the F28. It's just that I look upon the 737-200 as a kind of nostalgic thing, as one would look upon a 727 or a Connie. And the business class section wasn't quite so loud as economy.

Canadian Regional doesn't fly the Fokker F50 - I think you were talking about the F28, which I hate with a passion!
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 6:32 pm

My worst flight was on a Delta 727 from MSY to ATL. The flight was cramped. I sat on a window seat with two very fat people next to my. No service on board. I was very glad to get out.

My best flight: Many years a go on Swissair DC 10 in business class from Singapore to ZRH. Excellent service and a lot of space because there were only 10 passengers in business class (december 31).
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 6:59 pm

Well I think that a great flight could be several things.
Great enviroment, great service, good movies, the view, time of day, the aircraft, weather etc.
The plane that I have the best experience with, would be the b744. It's silent and steady. The best flights with it was from PHNL-CYVR in a Canadian 744, I was tired so I slept all the way and then when we landed I thought taht we kept hovering over the RWY because i didn't feel any touch down at all!!! I still can't believe the soft landing I had!!!
The other great flight flight I had was from LFPG-Bankok
a nice flight with great service (even on "monkey class").
When descenting to Bankok the view was amazing, clear sky's and I mean clear, a beutiful orange morning lighting was shining on the many fields bellow. The plane made a few moves and then we were on final app.
Smooth and silent flight, awsome!!!!

I love the landing fase of the flight especially at night were a landing at EGLL at night is truely amazing.
And a app to EGLL over london city in the day was also amazing with a kind of airial sightseeing over it.

I have to agree with you (virging A340) the 741 and 742
are terrible although I havent experienced any unpleasent movements of the 742/41's The noise is awful, I flew once from Tel Aviv to Copenhagen in one and boy did make some noise-damn!!!!

I havent had any terrible flight because I really enjoy every flight I'am on, but some unpleasent things have happened.
Once I flew from EGLL to EKCH(Copenhagen) in a Varig MD11. Right after take off we climbed above the cloud cieling of about 5000-6000 feet and the the engines whent to idle and the aircraft stopped climbing and turned 360 degrees, I was thinking that we had lost an engine and that the pilot would try and make an emergency landing, but it then spooled up it's engines at climbed on it's previous heading?!!
After that we had a nice flight and bautiful app to Copenhagen with a smoooooth landing and visibility of about 40 miles.
I have had my share `f turbulence and endless holding operations in 30 degrees celcius but no greater threat.

An app to remember was on a flight from Copenhagen to Søndre Strømfjord (Greenland) in a SAS 763.
Now the airport is a former AFB but the surrounding houses isnow a small city with the airport as the center(the airport is still used by US hercules practising landings on inner ice cape), any way, the app in between mountains and glaciers, the airport itself is in a valley with a diamer$r of 3KM so it must me some challenge landing the fairly large 763. It was a nice app by quite a scary one to look out the side windows and mountains and ice!!!
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 7:50 pm

Best airplane: 747-400
Best flights: Several SIA flights on 747-412s

All other 747 flights I had were nice too (I have no bad experiences with the old classics though I only had flights on them with LH)

Worst flights/airplanes:
737-200 FRA-Hurghada (Egypt) with AMC, a flying wreck with rollercoaster pilots, the most lazy stewardesses I´ve ever experienced (two hours no service at all!) and a food that makes McDonalds a gourmets place.
L-1011 Tristar FRA-Panama City with ATA American Trans Air. 2 stops on the way, awful food, a cramped, horribly maintained aircraft (They needed nearly two hours to close a rear door and lied to the passengers it was heavy traffic what caused the delay, loose and noisy fittings, panels in various faded tones from grey to nicotine yellow). Short of a crash landing on the Azores, 2 hours in a not airconditioned room on a stopover on Puerto Rico (You know how the climate is down there?)...

I´ll surely never fly these 2 airlines again!
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 8:32 pm

My worst fflight was with Olympic Airways .
From Copenhagen to Athens.
On an old Boeing 707, I will never fly with that airline again.
The FAs looked like the russian wrestling team.
And the service sucked.

I Can Top All The Previous Ones..

Fri Mar 17, 2000 1:15 am

I was on an AEROFLOT flight a while ago, From Amsterdam to Moscouw and back...On the way to Moscouw i was on an TU-154...ohh my god, rows of seats were missing becuase of the pins that hold the seats to the floor were preservers were gone, reason the cabin crew told me.... "WE DON'T KNOW" which was replied to me.....On the take off run at amsterdam we almost used up the whole rwy....when we got airborne it felt like the plane wouldn't accelerate anymore and we were climbing really slowly....Even worse, on the way back to Amsterdam...we took off from Moscouw, again used most of the whole rwy...flight equipment was a seat wouldnt lock upon take off i was almost lying down....the lavetory was broken, sometimes it just wouldn't the lock off the door didnt work...ten minutes into we had to return to Moscouw, due to a problem the the planes flight controls.....when the plane landed it felt like we were slammed INTO the runway, it felt that hard...why that happend i still don't know....and to be honest I DON'T WAN'T TO KNOW.....After the plane arrived at the gate..we got another plane asigned this time it was an IL-86 which was funny enough a deleight to had not many bad things about it....just a few lights woulnd't work, thats about it......anyone can beat this more then curious to know.......

1 thing is for sure, I'M NEVER FLYING AEROFLOT AGIAN..

Happy flying,
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RE: I Can Top All The Previous Ones..

Fri Mar 17, 2000 1:32 am

My worst flight was a Southwest flight from ABQ-PHX 737-300 and but the way, the aircraft was N668SW (the Burbank skidder). The plane was cold, the service was bad, and to make it worse, i had to sit by the emergency exit.

My best fight was a Southwest flight from ABQ-MCO 737-700, the service was great, we played games and the attendants asked for volunteers to do a mock preflight presentation, i got to be the guy with the oxygen mask, fun, fun, fun. And to make it better we were going to the happiest place on earth.
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Fri Mar 17, 2000 5:09 am

Before Avianca bought it's 767 it used to route it's European flights through either Caracas (Venezuela) or Cartagena on the Colombian coast..... maybe because of weight restrictions at Bogotá, it being a high & hot airport?
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Fri Mar 17, 2000 5:20 am

I think we need to define best/worst aircraft vs. best/worst flights and service (although they can be one and the same) so here goes:

Worst Aircraft I've Flown On - Any USAirways 737 - skimpy, uncomfortable seats & sardine-can coach configuration. As an aside, what a rude surprise when I flew on my first USA 757 to find out the seats are the same exact ones they have on their 737's!! And the 57 is my favorite plane to boot!

Best Aircraft & Service - Delta B 767-300 from ATL-SLC - what a surprisingly solid, comfortable, quiet, roomy plane! And my flight was full! The FA's were nothing short of amazing - beyond polite, always smiling, and super-efficient! Come to think of it, I've never had a bad Delta in-flight experience!

Most surprising - USAirways 319s - I was impressed with the 319, although it was brand new at the time - much roomier and much more comfortable than any 737 USA flies! Short-hopped last year from CLT-PHI and I was totally, pleasantly surprised!! Of course, that annoying Airbus "rock back and forth during cruise" was still there
(gust alleviation feature??) - I really hope these Airbus' stay as nice as they are a few years down the road, especially since USA seems to be going all Airbus and USA is the biggest carrier in my market.

Worst flight - Service - Northworst - flew 1st class from ALB-DTW and only got a cup of coffee for a 2 hr flight, no food at all. I asked the FA on the flight about this, and was told rather rudely, no food on this flight and I should've had breakfast at home! Then, the FA's got together and made their breakfasts in the front galley - you could smell the eggs and sausage, then they sat right in front of us eating!! If I had a rocket launcher.....!! And, yes, I am still waiting to hear back from someone at that imitation airline about my complaint I filed at DTW and at NW's web site customer comment area - I paid big bucks for that ticket and got what for my money??... a trip on a 34 year old plane??...first off the plane so I had extra time to sit around scenic DTW (no knock on Detroit, but the ariport could stand a major overhaul) and see what NW is spending their money on - buying up ratty 30 year old DC-10's from Air WhoKnowsWhere, which have all seen much better days, and their Geritol-powered -9 fleet?? I've seen most of the negative threads about NW here, and now I beleive most of them! I cannot wait to speak with a NW customer service rep (if they exist and if they decide to call me or e-mail me back) and get an official explanation on this!!! I expect to hear some flack on this from fellow forum members, so if anyone out there can prove this an abberation, please do - I pride myself on being very open-minded and not opiniated, but when push comes to shove...!

And, get this - next week, I flew Delta 1st class from ALB-CVG, 1.5 hr flight, and had an awesome breakfast with some of the nicest FA's I've ever had the pleasure of flying with! Now, tell me, who I will fly with next time??!!?! I wish that some upper exec's from the world's airlines would read these threads just once in a great while!

Worst flight - United Express Jetstream 41 from IAD-ALB - a truly horrifying experience of taking off in an early spring storm w/a 200 ft. ceiling and feeling the plane being tossed and violently thrown around for an hour - immediately upon entering the overcast (the gear wasn't even retracted yet!) the entire plane shook violently, overheads opened up, almost everybody got sick (including the FA, poor thing!), the plane bucked, skidded, shuddered, and severly jolted, and it truly felt as if we were going to crash!! That lasted for a full hour!! The ride only stabilized when we broke out of the storms just prior to landing. Upon landing, both the captain and FO came back prior to disembarking and apologized profusely for even taking off in that weather - a "mis-forecast" of the weather, we were told. They even told us they wanted to go back to IAD but they closed the airport as soon as our flight took off, and BWI, PHI and !! United took it one step further and actually had a rep call me ap home to apologize and let me know they were sending me a US$300 no-restriction voucher as compensation. By the way, the return trip on that same plane to IAD was cancelled and that Jetstream spent the next few days in ALB getting a thorough inspection! And, yes, I still will fly, and have flown, the same carrier & routes again - honesty is the best policy (NW - take note!)



Fri Mar 17, 2000 5:21 am

I had a friend who took also the Avianca flight using the same route....From Paris, he stopped in Madrid, then went to Caracas, but due to some mechanical problems they got stuck in Caracas...For some reasons I don't remember, he could not be booked on another flight to Bogota and had to stay 2 days in Caracas waiting for a flight to Bogota...Obviously, the company paid for all the expenses occured, hotels/meals etc...dut he lost a couple of days on a two-weeks vacation trip...


Virgin Is The Best

Fri Mar 17, 2000 5:35 am

I flew on a week old 747-400 it was great!!!!! And that was just econonmy there were individual enteraiments consoles, food was great, service exceptional. The worse was an olympic Airways 737 to london from Athens. Horrid
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RE: Crappy 747

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:32 am

i also had an experience similar to that and i was flying buissness on an ELAL 747-200 and the seats were uncomfortable,the reading light was cracked, the interior was messy, etc
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Fri Mar 17, 2000 10:24 am

Once when I flew from Dublin to Zurich with my parents, the Crossair flighht was late. We just made our pendulair connection to GVA because a bus came to pick us up at the gate to bring us to the other gate to speed up things. I wish I had never boarded that plane. After takeoff there was a bit of turbulence. Nothing much. They served the usual drinks and snacks and chocolate. Just as we were landing in GVA. It was not the normal lakeside approach. We flew over the Saleve and turned. Just as we were about 1000 feet. I was watching it carefully on the video monitor terrible turbulence started. As we were at 100 feet we could see lightting hitting lake Geneva and suddenly the plane banked left nearly crashing into those hangars. That's what I thought anyway. The captain abbandoned landing. The storm just hit Geneva airport as we were landing. Just at that moment. The captain admited to us that we were very close to losing control. A number of people were killed sailing in lake Geneva. Anyway we took off again and flew back to ZRH because the captain told us that he would not risk an approach for another half hour or so in GVA. During the flight no one was allowed to stand up. My dad who is an athsmatic could not even get his puffer or what ever you call that. After landing back in ZRH we refuelled and flew back to GVA for a perfect landing. This all happened in the summer of 1998. No one got any compensation or nothing. Flights that left later than us arrived earlier. Telling this to people sends chivers down my spine and I even sometimes get nightmares about it. If you do not believe I am sure some spotter in GVA can confirm you this.

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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Sat Mar 18, 2000 6:11 am

Worst Experience:
Northwest DC-10-30, FRA-DTW. Absolutely dreadful flight! Made my second flight experience on Aeroflot (Kazan to Moscow Domodedevo, Yak-42) a delight in comparison. Though I usually love the DC-10-30, NW crams those coach seats in. I'm only 5'7", but my knees touched the seat in front of me. The flight was absolutely full and was manned by the ugliest, worst dressed, and meanest bunch of flight attendents I had ever seen. They looked like they had all had about twenty shots of vodka, fell asleep for about two hours, and then rushed to the airport. One had a ring on every finger and literally dropped trays in front of passenbers during the meal service. Another had one side of his shirt hanging out and had to tug up his pants every so often, because they were too big. The two women flight attendents were disheveled and their makeup was smeared. It was an absolutely bizarre experience. Strangely, when I boarded my connection flight in Detroit to DCA, an A320, the service was wonderful, half full flight, clean and comfortable aircraft, and friendly inflight staff. Bizarre!

Best Experience: Coach
Air France, Boeing 777-200ER, IAD-CDG-IAD. Great aircraft, wide seats and legroom. Wonderful inflight staff, great food and good entertainment. Was my first and only trip on a 777, and I was very impressed.

Best Experience: First Class
First Place:
Continental, BusinessFirst, IAH-LGW-IAH & EWR-MAD-EWR. Great service, wonderful staff and very comfortable seats. The first time was on a 747-200 and the second on a DC-10-30, but the cabin was so nicely refurbished they looked like new planes. Great food too.
Second Place:
Trans World Airlines, First Class, BRU-SVO. 727-200 Advanced. Though not as glamerous or as comfortable, this flight was taken when TWA operated into Moscow for a short period. There were only two passengers in first class (including myself) and three in Coach, so the flight attendent allowed the three coach passengers into first class and it was like flying our own private jet into Moscow. We all had pleity to drink and eat (extra supplies as a group of people had canceled their reservations at the last minute). We were late arriving at Sheremyetevo and missed our gate assignment at the new terminal. Instead we were deplaned over the old terminal 1 by stairs. It was great, a bright red and white TWA 727 surrounded by old TU-134s, TU-154s, IL-62Ms, Yak-42s, and even President Yeltsin's personal IL-96-300. I felt like an arriving dignitary. Then we went inside the terminal......and that changed quickly.
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Sat Mar 18, 2000 6:27 am

My worst flight:
It was a Delta 767-300 flight MCO-ATL (thankfully it was SHORT!!!). I had a kid in front of me (13 or 14 years old), and she made my flight HORRIBLE. The service was bad too. During the flight, it seemed like the crew rushed through the safety stuff because the flight needed to get going, and they gave us horrible food (I don't even remember it was so nasty!!). Well anyways, back to the kid. During the flight, the kid kept talking loudly so I couldn't concentrate on my work, which made me go into a Crown Room in ATL and work, instead of spotting. She also kept constantly reclining her chair back and forth to the point at where it was annoying. She also had the seat on recline for the descent into ATL, and the FA's didn't even care, while the FA's were bugging me to put my tray in the armrest (I was flying FC). At least the flight was smooth.

Best flight: ATL-LGW on a DL 777. What can I say, It was just great in Business Elite.

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RE: 777-300/One Elev

Sat Mar 18, 2000 4:59 pm

The best is a close run thing between the 773 and the A330, but the 773 wins because of the engine sound - just a gentle, deep purr as we motored along the runway. And what an aircraft inside too. And the Cathay service! Enough said, you get the idea.

I'm glad to say I have never been on a rickety old aircraft or indeed any aircraft on which I've felt unsafe. I don't like One Elevens (they seem to take FOREVER to get airborne) and the 146 is completely boring; I was once stuck in an underwing seat that just looked straight at the engine - no downward view.
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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Sat Mar 18, 2000 9:02 pm

My worst fligth was on a Fokker 50 from FBU (old main airport in Oslo) to GOT (in Sweden). And the best had to be on business class from Oslo to Rome, it was a MD-80.

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RE: What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Sun Mar 19, 2000 1:07 pm

Worst flight had to be the A320- the flight was full, so there was no room, and the seats are anything but comfortable- espcially on such a long flight (3+ hrs Cun-JFK)- to make matters worse, we were delayed 3 hrs in Cancun b/c an electrical problem! Very reassuring considering we were about to board a flying computer...

Interestingly, my best flight was also on the Cun-JFK flight, this time in a 733... I simply found nothing wrong about the flight, go figure...
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Virgin Is The Best

Sun Mar 19, 2000 11:18 pm

My best experience was on a brand new A340-300 wih Virgin Atlantic, it was great. It was the inagural flight from Hong Kong to London heathrow. The food was really good (not yucky like you find with BA) , you had 45 channels of entertainment, nintendo games in your very own seat too!!, comfortable spacious seats, great service, well done virgin! Oh yeah did i tell you that this was in ECONOMY Class?

My worst experience was with British Airways. The service was ok, but the food, seats were bad....ugh EVERYONE, DONT TRAVELL WITH BA.
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What Was The Best/worst Aircraft That You Flew On?

Sun Mar 19, 2000 11:31 pm

My worst would definately have to be Northwest from Chicago to JFK. The engine was right next to my seat (I forgot the type of aircraft) and I literally could not hear anything and my ears were ringing a day afterword.

Best would have to be my most recent flight on Virgin from Heathrow to JFK. I had enough room, had enough entertainment to last me through 7 more hours, and although I'm a picky eater, I ate a lot of food on the flight! I highly recommend Virgin to anyone!

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