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What Happened To Interflug?

Thu Mar 16, 2000 3:18 am

The demise of the old Soviet Union spawned hundreds of new airlines and allowed a number of the old East European state airlines to go on to greater things, notably, Malev, CSA and LOT.

However, I cannot ever recall hearing again of the old East German state carrier Interflug, much past the fall of the wall. I can re-call that BA may have been seeking an interest in them at that time.

Anybody shed any light?
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RE: What Happened To Interflug?

Sat Mar 18, 2000 4:54 pm

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unification of East and West Germany, it was not in the best interests of Lufthansa to have competition in the form of Interflug (not that they were all that much competition anyway with a fleet of ageing Soviet-era airliners plus a couple of Airbus A310s).

I doubt very much that BA would have bought any interest in Interflug at all on the grounds of old aircraft, inefficient operations and limited route structure, plus the fact that they had an interest in Delta Air (later to become Deutsche BA).