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IL62s Back Wheel

Thu Mar 16, 2000 10:01 am

Why does the IL62 have a back wheel which extends when it is parked.
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RE: IL62s Back Wheel

Thu Mar 16, 2000 12:49 pm

It's extended even when it's taxing. To my knowledge it's there to make sure that the 62 doesn't tip over to it's back.

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RE: IL62s Back Wheel

Thu Mar 16, 2000 1:25 pm

No, the tail wheel isn't used during taxying. It is used to support the rear of the aircraft on the ground so that it does not tip onto its tail as it is loaded from the rear. The IL62's tail wheel DOES extend partially when it is taxying after landing, but it's not meant to support the aircraft when it is moving. Engine thrust keeps the tail up.  
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Additional Question

Thu Mar 16, 2000 5:56 pm

The back wheel is indeed used to support the aircraft on the ground, although the pilot sometimes lowers it down for taxiing as well. I have seen this many times. Incidently, does anyone know why the back wheel is turned 180 degrees on the older models ? In other words the wheel on some models is forward of the shaft but on most it is behind.
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RE: IL62s Back Wheel

Thu Mar 16, 2000 6:34 pm

On the lighter side - they might extend the rear wheel because they expe`t my mother-in-law to board the plane...it's happened before, see...

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Dayot Jean-Charles

That maybe wasn't on the "lighter" side after all...  
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RE: IL62s Back Wheel

Fri Mar 17, 2000 1:10 am

He, He!

Judging by that picture that little wheel can come in quite handy :-)

How did that happen o that 747 anyway? Where there any passangers on board at the time?
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RE: IL62s Back Wheel

Mon Mar 20, 2000 11:02 pm

That thing about the 747 had something with the cargo to do if I remember it right. There was a post about it not too long ago. I think they unloaded the front end before the rear...and one thing lead to the other...

Although I still think it was my mother-in-law...  

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