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UA A320 Emergency Landing At PHL Yesterday 12/4

Mon Dec 06, 2004 8:07 am

Hey folks

yesterday I was in seat 31F onboard AA2185 PHL-MIA (0603-0843) op. by a 757 (nose wheel code 5EL-couldn't get the reg.) While taxiing towards what I believe was rwy. 27L (don't remember very well) the plane suddenly stopped. After holding position for about a minute, the captain announced:

"Ladies and gentleman, well some of you may be wondering why we've stopped, well Philadelphia tower has requested us to hold our position, there's an aircraft with a medical emergency onboard approaching so they've priority to land plus they're doing it in the opposite direction that we'll be taking off so... I know that is sometimes frustrating when you can't see everything so we inform you of what's going on. We'll proceed for departure in about 4 minutes, and with the flight conditions we've today we're probably able to make them up. Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened, and thank you for your understanding."

It was around 6:15 am when a United Airlines A320 (sorry couldn't see the reg.) landed... I believe rwy. 9R. They rolled down and were taxiing pretty fast. Right after them, I'm not sure (sorry it was pretty dark), I think it was an Air Jamaica A320 who departed. Right after them it was our turn.

Any of you heard of this? I wonder what happened?

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RE: UA A320 Emergency Landing At PHL Yesterday 12/4

Mon Dec 06, 2004 8:50 am

That was probably the red eye flight from SFO. It gets in earlier than the LAX flight. We didn't hear anything on the afternoon shift about it. But I'll ask around tomorrow.
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RE: UA A320 Emergency Landing At PHL Yesterday 12/

Thu Dec 09, 2004 4:39 am

Medical emergencies are common occurances. Landing on RW9's while 27's are in use is not common. So it must have been very urgent if that ws the case.
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RE: UA A320 Emergency Landing At PHL Yesterday 12/4

Thu Dec 09, 2004 5:53 am

you should have been aboard N679AN, the former "retrojet"

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Hope this helps!

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