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Wed Dec 08, 2004 2:07 pm

I know in the mid to late 80s, NW had a large presence at TPA. It may have even been comprable to Eastern and Delta at the time. Does anyone remember specific cities served from Tampa. I do think at one time both O'Hare and Boston were serviced nonstop. Any other interesting non hub routes anyone remembers. (I think Cancun and Montego Bay service commenced after the focus city was gone, but I may be wrong)
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Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:40 pm

I flew NW on a 727-100 in 1985 on MSP-CLE-TPA.

The return trip was a BRAND new 757 TPA-MSP. Departing next to us was another 757 TPA-LAX and NW 001 which continued to Tokyo and Okinawa.

They had a hub in TPA for Florida service, as well as a DC-10 aircraft and crew base. They flew multiple DC-10 inter-Florida trips. A family member flew a DC-10 MSP-TPA-RSW.
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Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:24 pm

At its peak, TPA had four banks of flights daily.

The primary pair had B747 MSP-TPA-MIA, 3 DC10 MKE/DTW/ORD-TPA-FLL/MCO/PBI, B757 from BOS, B72S from CLE, with the narrows going to SRQ and Ft. Myers (don't remember which went where). Southbound arrived TPA around 1:30pm and departed around 2:15pm, Northbound arrived TPA around 5:00pm I think.

There was also a morning northbound bank (departing TPA around 8:30?) that at one time included flight 1 to LAX with B757 (switching to B747 in LAX on to NRT). The southbound bank arrived TPA around 9:00pm (including, of course, flight 2 from LAX).

The above peak was only one winter, but there were lots of DC10 and at least one B747 each winter from pre-deregulation until the merger with Republic, at which point they completely abandoned the mini-hub in TPA.
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Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:56 am

I flew nonstop to PHL - TPA shortly after deregulation.
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Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:16 am

NW used to have a lot of Carib routes out of there with the DC-9's and such, now they moved all those flights to MEM and other hubs and use Airbus's