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AF Summer 2000 Program

Fri Mar 17, 2000 7:51 am

Air france has released its summer 2000 program. It includes a 7 % increase in capacity with openings of new routes and augmentation of existing frequencies.

*Bergamo : 3 flights per weekday
*Bilbao : 3 flights per day
*Seville : 1 daily flight

*Philadelphia : 1 daily flight
*Brazzaville : 1 weekly flight
*New York : 1 daily flight from Lyon.

The increased frequencies for the European network are :
Barcelona 6->7 flights a day
Bologna 4->5 flights a day
Florence 5->6 flights a day
Madrid 8->9 flights a day
Rome 7->8 flights a day
Tunis 3->4 flights a day
Turin 4->5 flights a day
Venise 5->6 flights a day
Munich 6->7 flights a day
Cologne 3->5 flights a day
Amsterdam 8->9 flights a day
Copenhagen 4->5 flights a day
Zurich 5->6 flights a day
London-City 4->6 flight a day
Southampton 2->3 flights a day
Budapest 4->5 flights a day
Bucarest 1->2 flights a day
Kiev 4->5 flights per week
Sofia 3->4 flights a week

The increased frequencies for the LONG-HAUL network are :

Atlanta : 14->21 weekly frequencies
Boston : 7->12 weekly frequencies
Cincinnati : 7->14 weekly frequencies
Miami : 10->11 weekly frequencies
New York JFK : 34->35 weekly frequencies
Rio de Janeiro : 3->4 weekly frequencies
Sao Paolo : 7->14 weekly frequencies
Delhi : 5->7 weekly frequencies
Osaka : 6->7 weekly frequencies
Beijing : 6->7 weekly frequencies
Seoul : 3->4 weekly frequencies
Mumbai : 4->5 weekly frequencies
Shanghai : 3->4 weekly frequencies
Douala : 5->6 weekly frequencies
Cuba : 2->3 weekly frequencies

The last Boeing 747-100 F-BPVJ has left the fleet after its last revenue flight from Montreal 3 weeks ago.

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RE: AF Summer 2000 Program

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:28 am

Reduce capacity in Nice!!!!!

AF want to increase the LYON-HUB and cancel a lot of flight in NICE (second airport in france)

NCE-->TLS 2-->1 Flight a day
NCE-CDG reduce capacity 320 replace 321
FRA/MUC/DUS only 2 flights a week

sad sad sad program


RE: AF Summer 2000 Program

Fri Mar 17, 2000 12:01 pm

You forgot on the long haul network:
Montréal 1 -> 2 flights a day this summer. And this frequency will be extended on a year round basis next fall.
By the way, a direct flight Montréal-Lyon would be nice (and needed).
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RE: AF Summer 2000 Program

Sat Mar 18, 2000 2:39 am

AF Cabin Crew,

Did you say on an earlier post, that AF would be increasing flights to twice daily on SFO-CDG? Or that it would be upgraded to 747-400 on a year-round basis?

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RE: AF Summer 2000 Program

Sat Mar 18, 2000 3:01 am

SFO will become a twice daily flight but when that is the question ???
they are going to concentrate into building the actual flights and then start Dallas and Detroit. For the 747-400 flying year round we have no information. All I know is that the 747-200 shouldn't go there anymore as there are only 4 left in the l'Espace version and they are going to convert every 747-200 for the leisure market.
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