A3XX Questions

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:19 am

I heard that the A3XX's wings will be transported on top of an A340.How is it done and what model A340 is it?

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RE: A3XX Questions

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:32 am

Now thats the wierdest thing I have ever heard  

I would suggest they would use their purpose built transporter, cant think of its name, I'm sure someone will tell us here shortly
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It's True.

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:56 am

Actually, I remember hearing about that too. If built, the wings would be transported on top of a A340-300, a la the Space Shuttle on NASA's 747. The reason is the A3XX's wings would be too long to fit inside the Beluga Super Transport.
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RE: A3XX Questions

Fri Mar 17, 2000 5:13 pm

Hi all

Airbus has a nice A3xx video on it's website for downloading.


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RE: A3XX Questions

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:13 pm

The most feasible solution:

Transporting the wings by train to the british coast, then by cargo ship to the french coast or directly to Hamburg (where the A319 and A321 is being built).
From the french coast they would use a train to Toulouse, too.

But it depends on where the A3XX will have its final assembly.

Latest news are that they want to have the final assembly done in Toulouse but all the interior works done in Hamburg.

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RE: A3XX Questions

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:28 pm

Ah, the return of the biplane! Retro airliners? Groovy! Seriously, wouldn't it be cool if they flew it attached along the wings and not the fuselage? Is that the plan?