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SIA's Regional Rights

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:19 pm

I have a few questions about Singapore Airlines' route rights around the region:

1) About two years ago, they used to place their B777s on virtually every day departure from Singapore to KL, does the traffic justify that? Also, my dad commutes on MAS and SIA on this route quite regularly and seem to observe that MAS has less load factor than SIA with their Airbuses now. Do they fly the Airbus A-340 to KL?

2) What kind of rights does SIA have to Penang? Why don't they have a mid-morning (1100-1200) departure to compete with Malaysian 652 (1115)? And why again does Malaysian always have low load factors on these flights? This despite the fact that MH offers MUCH lower fares (how about comparing $155 to $344?)? Why did SIA switch their weekend morning departures to the B777 and more recently 777-300? Their 777 flights aren't full anyway, why not use the A-340?

3) Why don't SilkAir start serving Penang in place of SIA? SIA flies A-310s compared to MAS' 737s and this is not being very fair. The A-320 and B737 seem like a better match.

4) SIA stated in a reply letter that the afternoon Penang departure was more to aid connecting passengers "from the west coast of N America". So why not have an earlier departure say 1230 instead of 1530? Unless of course, they're trying to prove that their N America flights almost always are NOT on time (which is not the case).

5) Did they ever fly B747-400s into Penang?

6) I saw on TV two days ago while they were showing the news on the Air NZ stake that one of the Tropical Megatop had its titles covered and the front portion which says "Now more than ever..." covered (or rather masked off). Are they repainting these planes?

Thank you everyone for your help.
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RE: SIA's Regional Rights

Fri Mar 17, 2000 9:58 pm

My views to your question.

1)No. SIA does not fly A340 to KUL. For the B777, i think it was actually test flights.....for the pilots to fly shorter routes to adjust to the new B777.

2)SIA should have reciprocal rights on routes to PEN. B777 has lower seat per cost, due to 2 engines.....might be cheaper to use a B777 for a 1 hour flight than A340.
Another possible reason is that it is in anticipation of the June holidyas in Singapore.

3) I would prefer Silkair to fly to Penang, but refer to Q3 on school holidays.

4)The availability of planes for that particular timing??

5)Not that I knew of.

6)That plane was actually the painted one. The TV actually was showing the old footage....that's the plane which was painted to launch SIA's new services....

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RE: SIA's Regional Rights

Fri Mar 17, 2000 10:14 pm

I can only answer question 1:
SIA flies their Boeing 777 to Kuala Lumpur for their code-share flights with Ansett Australia to feed their passengers from Australia.