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Question: LH/CA Baggage Transfer?

Thu Dec 16, 2004 7:55 am


I am waitlisted on my preferred flight to Shanghai Pu Dong with LH and at the moment I am being routed via PEK into Hongqiao with Air China, something which doesn't really bother me as the airport is nearer downtown and CA will be a new carrier for me.

Does anybody know whether I can check my bags through from LH to CA, or would I need to collect them in PEK?

With all the alliances and hubs, this is something I rarely have to consider. Other than the US, which I know is law (but a pain in the butt for people like myself), the last time I had to collect baggage on arrival mid-journey was flying BSL to EDI via LCY with Swiss and then Scotair.

Any views would be appreciated.


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