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United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:23 am

ualflyer here. On Saturday I am traveling from IAD to ORF on one of United Express' 170s. More cool stuff, I get free first class upgrades. Does anyone have information about United's 170s. I would like to know anything available. Thank You.
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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:27 am

Does anyone have information about United's 170s. I would like to know anything available. Thank You.

Well, let's see...

They are powered by Turbofan engines,
They are painted in the new white livery,
They say "United Express" on the side,
They are built by Embraer,
They have retractable landing gear,
...and the flaps come out while on takeoff, approach and landing Big grin

Help you out any?  Big grin
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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:33 am

I recently flew on one and had a great experience. Here is an excerpt from the trip report that I wrote about it, which will probably tell you all you could want to know about the plane. I flew in first class on the flight, and was amazed by how nice the plane was. Trip reports are a great source for the kind of information you would want to know. Check out the full trip report for full details.

UAX Flight 7717 operated by Chautauqua
Departs: 2:45pm (actual 2:47, 2 minutes late)
Arrival: 2:52pm (on time)
Flight time: 43 minutes
E170 Regional Jet
First Class Seat 2A

I arrived at the gate area after passing through security. D is significantly less crowded then C concourse where UA used to be. Unfortunately the terminal isn’t as nice and is a little bit older. UA uses gates D7, D9 and D10 for their flights and US Airways uses the rest. There are decent concessions, but nothing really exciting.

Boarding commenced a few minutes later then expected at 2:30. There were a number of standby passengers waiting to get on the flight, so it was completely full. Once on board I took my seat at 2A. The seat was very comfortable on this brand new airplane that had been operating less then a week. The first class leather seats are amazingly comfortable. Probably the best domestic seat I have ever sat in. Rows 1 and 2 were first class at 3 abreast seating and the rest of the plane is 2 by 2 seating in comfortable leather seats as well. I tried to take this picture, but it isn’t very good because the plane was really crowded and I couldn’t get a good shot. Also the windows on the E170 are quite high. At 5’11’’ I actually had to sit up to look out of it. This is a huge change from the CRJs where you can barely see anything except the ground below you from them. Also the cabin was plenty wide. You don’t get the feeling of the side of the plane curving over you at the window seats. It is not claustrophobic at all and very comfortable. I think Embraer has a real winner here from the passenger’s point of view.

Unfortunately as soon as I took the second picture one of the flight attendants came to my seat and said that she doesn't think that photography is allowed on the airline (she was only a trainee, so she wasn't familar but pretty much suggested that I shouldn't be taking photos). I apologize for the bad quality of pictures.

There were 4 flight attendants on board this flight. Two of them were training on the new equipment. I believe that the first class flight attendant was a new hire and this was her first flight working. She was being constantly assisted by a gentleman that was apparently one of the first Chautauqua flight attendants to receive training on the airplane. I presume the same was going on in economy, but I never saw the two flight attendants back there. All of the announcements on the new E170s are completely automated and recorded. The flight attendant only gave the flight number. However she messed up horribly in the safety demonstration dance. She obviously was nervous and kept running between first class and economy trying to show all the procedures twice. The other flight attendant supervisor had to help her as she wasn’t familiar with how to work a two class plane. It was entertaining to watch he try, and she put effort in.

We departed a little late, but quickly taxied to the runway. Takeoff was fast and incredibly powerful. I was surprised at how much punch the new E170s have. Based on the take off performance that we had, I am sure the plane would be able to operate out of mountainous runways like the Colorado Ski Destinations. The flight ascended very smoothly and was incredibly quite on takeoff. After a few minutes the training flight attendant came by with drink orders. Economy did not receive a full beverage service and was only giving beverages to people who requested them due to the short duration of the flight. Overall the flight was very smooth and pleasant. Unfortunately the E170 seems to be a bit noisy when it is up at speed and altitude. The wind noise is very present. But that is expected in smaller planes, but I think that it is louder than an ERJ145.

The seatbelt sign was not turned off at all during the flight. There is a new innovation for UA on these flights where the smoking sign was replaced by a “Turn off Electronic Devices” light. This is a good move than many airlines are doing in a move to get away from the antiquated no smoking signs that no longer serve a purpose. We descended quickly and smoothly into a cloudy and rainy Chicago. Traffic was not bad at all and we made a smooth landing. The E170 landing was probably one of the smoothest that I have ever been on though it did seem like we landed with quite a significant nose pitch up. We then taxied to gate C3 for arrival. Unfortunately the gate agent had never seen an E170 before and had huge problems with the jetway. It took her forever to get it in place and then when she did, she ended up smashing into the airplane with quite a bit of force so that people inside could feel it. It is good that they use the C gates rather then the much dreaded terminal 2 gates used by other United Express flights. It seems that they are still having some teething issues introducing the new planes at UA. The flight attendants for Chautauqua are still getting used to United policies and the influx of E170s that are coming online fast. IND almost has more E170s on UA then 737s now. The IAD and ORD flights were E170s. These are much better then the CRJs that were operating the routes in addition to the occasional mainline plane. The larger regional jets are the perfect size for the market. They make the business travelers happy, while still not flooding the market with seats which cause yield to drop but still maintain good frequency.

Overall the E170 is a great plane. It is comfortable and great to fly in. It is just like flying on a mainline full size jet, but is more intimate. Full size roll aboard suitcases easily fit in the overhead compartments, and first class was comfortable. I am much more comfortable in one of these new birds rather then the old 737s, especially the former shuttle ones. I hope Chautauqua does well and keeps up the service. Passengers seem to like it, and the service they provide is some of the best seen in this country.

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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:16 am

They're quite nice, actually.

They feature first and Economy Plus, as well as Economy.

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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:27 am

Well, the ERJ-170s are owned by Republic Holdings. After some technicalities came up with Republic Airlines not being able to operate them, the orders were rerouted to Chatauqua. There are plans for 25 ERJ-170s to be included into the fleet with at least 25 more held as options. There are already a number in service, espically on the IAD-IAH route.

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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Fri Dec 17, 2004 11:03 am

They aren't ERJ-170's

They are Embraer 170's

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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Sat Dec 18, 2004 12:12 am

Beautiful planes. Thanks for the photos. Can't wait for United Express to fly a few of those out of Albany. Or better yet, the rumored JetBlue move (after the 190s arrives?) to fly on the 190 variant.
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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Sat Dec 18, 2004 1:18 am

We get them in ROC,but this time of the year it's dark @ 4:30. It comes in @ 6:00 . Maybe they'll have it come in earlier. We used get them from USAirways,too.

Airline Chautauqua Airlines
Flight Number 7724
Departure City (Airport) Chicago, IL (ORD)
Departure Time 12/16/2004 04:09 PM
Arrival City (Airport) Rochester, NY (ROC)
Arrival Time 12/16/2004 06:08 PM
Remaining Flight Time 00:00
Aircraft Type E170
Current Altitude 0 feet
Current Groundspeed 0 mph
Flight Status Arrived
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RE: United Express Embraer 170 Info

Sat Dec 18, 2004 1:57 am

I fly to ORF a couple times a year. I usually fly AA on the ERJs. I really like them and AA/eagle service is usually much better than UA. However with Chautauqua (which does the same routing for AA to STL) the service should be pretty good. So I wlll look at UA if the price isn't that much higher.