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Sat Mar 18, 2000 12:53 pm

What happened to the CV880 (or maybe 990) that Fox-TV was going to crash into the desert a few months ago. The show was cancelled due to bad publicity and the not-so-good idea status of crashing an airliner for ratings so the apparantly flyable CV880 must still be around. I had heard before the show was to have aired that the aircraft was a CV-880 (on national news) but you never can trust the aviation savey of the general public, much less the national media who wouldnt know the difference between a CV880/707/DC8/CV990.
Is the NASA "Galileo-1" CV990 still around somwhere? I saw it years ago here in Fairbanks, Alaska, long after other 990s had been retired.
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RE: CV880/990

Mon Mar 20, 2000 11:49 pm

search earlier 990 threads. It seems this project was suspended, for the FAA would
not allow it and it would have been an ecological disaster. The Galileo 990 is,
I think, stored in the Mojave desert.