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Air Labrador Service Suspensions

Sun Dec 19, 2004 1:10 am

Does anybody have details of Air Labrador's (yes, I am getting really obscure here) service suspensions in Newfoundland? I know Stephenville was one, but I believe there were others. Also, if the airline provided specific details for the suspension, i.e. low loads, aircraft better used elsewhere, airport costs, or what have you?
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RE: Air Labrador Service Suspensions

Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:06 am

I think Deer Lake and St. Anthony are being suspended as well. I'm not too sure of any others and to why they are suspending the routes. I mean it can't be that hard to fill a 19 seat Beech 1900D on these routes, but they must have their reasons.
They only have one 1900D (C-GLHO) in the fleet now as the other 1900D (C-GTMB) is leased out to Exploits Valley Air Service doing AC's runs from YYT-YQX-YYT. There are two Dash-8's in service, and I have heard there is another one on the way.
WJ seems to be taking the same steps as Provincial Airlines by moving away from smaller a/c to larger a/c. PAL only has one Metro in the pax fleet and two Saab 340A's and two Dash 8's.
Maybe both airlines are looking at expanding more to the mainland or maybe even some USA routes.
Since Air Nova lost/gave up most of their services, Newfoundland has been without larger prop a/c and mainly served with small prop a/c.
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