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Delta Boeing Orders

Sun Mar 19, 2000 5:47 am

How many planes/types does Delta currently have on order, and when is their scheduled delivery? I am most interested in the 777's. Also, why does Delta not fly 747's? Have they ever? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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RE: Delta Boeing Orders

Sun Mar 19, 2000 6:00 am

I would suggest you check out Click on the custom page, and it should be pretty self-explanatory. As for deliveries, Delta will be receiving aircraft for most of the next couple years. However, no more 777s are scheduled to be delivered for at least the next year.
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RE: Delta Boeing Orders

Sun Mar 19, 2000 7:39 am

Delta used to fly 741's

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RE: Delta Boeing Orders

Sun Mar 19, 2000 8:07 am

Delta operated 5 747-132's during the 1970's. Delta disposed these planes because they were goo large. Delta still does not operate these planes (747's) for that same reason today. I doubt Delta will use 747's in the near future, as the very-long range routes will probably be flown with the 777-NG.

For the 777's, Delta has 9 (??) still on firm order. They might have signed a letter of intent (LOI) for more though. They should all (the original 13) be delievered by the end of 2004, although I am not sure.