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What Should Stonecipher's Replacement Do?

Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:51 am

To all:

Here's an interesting thought-Harry Stonecipher's tenure as the interim Boeing CEO will be ending relatively soon. He has made it clear that he intends to select his replacement from the number of candidates which are vying for the job and resume his retirement. But look what this individual will be inheriting:

Boeing no longer is the leading commercial aviation company. Airbus has eclipsed the 747/767/737 programs. 757 is gone. Only the 777 is a premium product and 7e7 has (so far) failed to deliver the much ballyhooed 200 orders
and the associated PR benefit. The sales dept has been overhauled in response to a string of order losses and the chief salesman "reassigned", a euphamism for corporate exile. Your defense business, while sound, continues to suffer from an ongoing ethics scandal which stubbornly refuses to go away despite the disgrace of the former CEO and convictions for the former CFO and Darleen Druyun. Boeing's chief ally in the pentagon (the former USAF secretary) has resigned and more Boeing programs are under scrutiny.

Where to start?

Thoughts and comments?