Northwest Airlines siting

Fri Nov 06, 1998 11:22 pm

Yesterday I saw a large, four-engined Northwest Airlines airliner tht had just taken off from Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Mitchell Field. Mitchell does not handle jumbo jets. What other large, four-engined airliners are in the Northwest livery and might be servicing a mini-hub such as Milwaukee?
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RE: Northwest Airlines siting

Sat Nov 07, 1998 1:18 am

The only four engine aircraft that is a widebody in Northwest's fleet is the 747. It must have been a different airline.
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RE: Northwest Airlines siting

Sat Nov 07, 1998 4:23 am

Mitchell often serves as the diversion airport to O'Hare. However, the weather was OK here in Chicago yesterday, so I don't think the airport was closed. Northwest takes a DC-10 into Mitchell, on a flight to Minneapolis, Seattle, and finally Honolulu. Perhaps they switched planes for the day for that route.

RE: Northwest Airlines siting

Sat Nov 07, 1998 9:41 am

Maybe it was a 146 but they are easy to spot. It could have been a 707 Dc-8 in a cargo airline colors that are similar.

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