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CNN Industry Report?

Mon Dec 27, 2004 6:13 am

I was watching CNN on Christmas Day and for about 2hrs in the early morning hours they had a report on the aviation industry. Did anyone else see this report? They had 6-8 industry VETS on there and talked about everything from price of fuel to F/A contracts to the Best/Worst Airports in America. They also talked about the most stable airlines and the ones in financial hard times. I believe the overall best overall airport went to DEN, worst being ATL. The rated this on access around the airport, airport staff/security and a few other items. The #1 carrier that they all agreed on that was financially in the best shape for 2005 was CO, followed by AA, & NW with DL, UA, & US being in troubled waters. Well if anyone saw this can you please give me some more details or correct mine if they are incorrect and give your thoughts.

Also was this posted on there website anywhere? I could not find it.
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