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Kiwi International Airlines

Mon Mar 20, 2000 8:12 am

Last tiome this topic came up, it seemed that KIWI was highly unlikely to return to service. Have they in fact been liquidated? Are there any plans for someone to bring them back to life?

RE: Kiwi International Airlines

Mon Mar 20, 2000 2:24 pm

As you most probably know they ceased operations mid-last year, and they have in fact, from the info I have been able to find on them, been liquidated.


Dec 23, 1999

Holding company Viking Resources International Inc says it cannot complete its purchase of bankrupt Kiwi International Airlines due to an "extremely large" IRS tax lien that couldn't be resolved.

In a press release Wednesday, Viking said its Executive JetPort of New Jersey Inc. unit "had no intentions of assuming debt" in the Kiwi purchase and was pursuing the acquisition solely to obtain an operating certificate.

Executive JetPort had proposed buying Kiwi and converting the now-defunct airline into a charter carrier to Las Vegas.


RE: Kiwi International Airlines

Mon Mar 20, 2000 11:03 pm

I thought that I read somewhere that Kiwi International now flies under the name Discovery Air. I could be wrong.


Tue Mar 21, 2000 7:33 am

If kiwi isnt under discovery air and might be getting bought out and coming back do you know which airports they will fly from?
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RE: Kiwi International Airlines

Tue Mar 21, 2000 8:42 am

They used to be based in EWR. If they were to come back, which is a big if, it wouldn't be at EWR. I think CO sanpped up all Kiwi's old gates there. Which is what CO would probably do if any other carriers relinquish gates at EWR. If CO could, it would be CO's private airport. But that's how all hub carriers feel about the main hubs anyway!