Greatest Route

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:39 am

What do YOU think the greatest route flown by an airliner is concidering enjoyment for both the crew and passengers, time, and the view outside???
I really cannot decide on one, I usually fly to about 5 different destinations, and only use a few different flights, and there is really nothing special about them. If I had to pick one, it would be TPA-ORD(or midway) because you get to see Chicago from above..a great gift!
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RE: Greatest Route

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:43 am

I would say to the Virgin Island or Carribien (spelling) as those are really nice places and from what I have heard the hotels are normally busy so both Captain and FO gets a suit not bad!
Ps I would fly there from anywhere!
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RE: Greatest Route

Thu Jan 21, 1999 10:10 am

I don't know if it is the greatest route, but I do enjoy flying the JFK-GVA route. You can see the Swiss Alps and the approach on Geneva's airport is just breathtaking.

I could also consider any flight landing in Honolulu, the approach is very beautiful too.

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RE: Greatest Route

Thu Jan 21, 1999 11:57 am

Yes, for me it would definately be the Honolulu to/from Hilo route. On approach to HNL, you can see the island and Waikiki beach. On approach to ITO, you can see volcanos (sometimes), waterfalls, and usually it is in a rainstorm. During the flight, you can see many Hawaiian islands out the window, the airline employees are really nice also!
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RE: Greatest Route

Sat Jan 23, 1999 12:33 am

I think an interesting route would be JFK to anywhere in the Carribean. You would be able to fly from the winter conditions of NY to the tropical weather of the islands. I would also think Hong Kong to Honolulu would be very interesting.
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