The New Pan Am

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:48 am


My name is Cassio, and I'm writing you from Brazil.
What happened with the new panam?
Is it still flying?

Thanks for your answer, it's very hard to have news of the new panam here in Brazil.


RE: The New Pan Am

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:52 am

Pan Am went broke about a year ago. I heard they are flying again but they still are not a good airline adn not very popular. I think the fly LAX to JFK and that is about it. I think they are going down for good soon and will stop bounceing around.
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RE: The New Pan Am

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:57 am

I don't think they fly anymore, the last I heard
is that PANAM is going to have a FLIGHT SCHOOL
in florida starting this summer. The flight school is
going to be like a ERAU or Noth Dakota University.

RE: The New Pan Am

Thu Jan 21, 1999 9:07 pm

Thanks for your answer, but why they are not a good airline adn not very popular?


RE: Pan Am is not with Elvis

Fri Jan 22, 1999 1:13 am


You have two Pan Am's. One is Pan Am Air Bridge ( flying from Miami and Ft.Lauderdale to Islands) second one is the real old Pan Am (they flying out of JFK and EWR to Miami) So far I saw only B727 at EWR last month. Myself I'm big fan of Pan Am, I'm also member of Pan Am Historical Fundation. The fundation, and that means all its members, saved this history. Members' dues funded the operation and volunteer members did the work. The Pan Am team is not only not forgotten - its still here! Not with Elvis.

If you want free brochure about Pan Am fundation go to their site


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