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Just Flew YYZ-YUL Shuttle With PTV's

Mon Jan 03, 2005 11:44 pm

Hi all, I just arrived into YUL on flt:762 Westjet.... with the brand new PTV's. Forgot the reg # of the plane but I have a couple of great inflight shots from my phonecam. I know i know... I had too.
Anyways, just wondering what everyone thinks... personally the thing is interesting. The quality and choice of channels is cable-like and I think they're very helpful on longer nightflights. BUT..... On thing is that they are tooo bright and I couldn't lower the brightness enough had I opted for a nap... I personally don't like a bright TV blinking at me If im' trying to snooze.
But my biggest thing is that I found myself starring at the PTV more than I did starring outside the PAX window... which I typically do for most of my flights... I think these things are giving yet another way for people to not look outside at the wonderful earth below during flight. The days we spend soo much time indoors, on computers and watching television that we often overlook natures true beauty, the world is devine from up above and I could sit there for hours admiring the beauty, UNTIL last nights CANADA-CZECK World Jr. Championships highlights were broadcasted on my PTV.....
Any opinions of this latest in inflight entertainment???