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Urgent Bwia Contract Of Carriage Question

Wed Jan 05, 2005 10:16 am


I have a flight tomorrow BWIA 428, ANU-JFK which I originally booked departing 9:35 AM, arriving 12:55 PM. The flight was once rescheduled to 9:40 AM, then to 11:10 AM, arriving 14:30 PM. I have an AF connection (booked separately) at 17:05, so even with the changes in schedule, I could make the connection. Now, the BWIA flight has been delayed until 17:40 PM, arriving 21:00 PM.
I understand because I have booked separately, BWIA is not responsible for the misconnection. However, does anyone know what rights do I have (such as being covered on another airline or a refund - this is the second leg of two) due to the 1:35 change in scheduled arrival time (i.e. not accounting for the delay)?