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Union Busting

Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:01 am

Pilots group want Boston-Maine Airways airline certificate revoked


Democrat Staff Writer

PORTSMOUTH — The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) is seeking to have the Department of Transportation revoke Boston-Maine Airways airline certificate

According to its attorney, Marcus Migliore, ALPA is fighting Boston-Maine’s right to fly because it believes Boston-Maine should not have been granted "large jet aircraft authority" because the airline was "a money loosing operation," and the use of 727 aircraft allowed Boston-Maine to pick up the work of Pease-based Pan Am Airlines.

This was a transparent effort to avoid the union, and its ownership is not fit to responsibly and safely run an airline, said Migliore.

Guilford Transportation, parent company to Boston-Maine and Pan Am, has been involved in a court battle with ALPA since Pan Am closed its doors in November.

ALPA claims unionized Pan Am was shut down so flights could be moved to nonunion Boston-Maine in a "union busting" transfer of work.

The filing, made with the Department of Transportation in Washington on Dec. 31, states that "companies owned and managed by the Mellon Group (owners of Guilford) have repeatedly transferred work from unionized to nonunion groups to avoid their collective bargaining obligations under the RLA (Railway Labor Act), repeatedly discharged pilots because they were unwilling to fly in violation of FAA safety rules, repeatedly refused to comply with final and binding decisions of system boards of adjustment as required under the RLA, and willfully violated environmental laws."

Migliore said that ALPA intends to show that Boston-Maine owner Guilford has, on several occasions, been in violation of federal labor law and environmental violations in order to prove its case and strip Boston-Maine of its certificate.

"We assert that these repeated obvious violations show a lack of necessary compliance disposition because the Guilford ownership group has repeatedly and flagrantly failed to observe and respect legal obligations," said Migliore.

Representatives from Guilford and Boston-Maine were unavailable for comment