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Unidentified Airline?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 12:04 pm

I am sure someone can answer this question. I drive by ROC every day to and from work and this morning I saw a 737-200 parked on the tarmac well away from the terminal. The entire plane was a bright electric blue and there was a red fleur de lac on the tail. I did not see any lettering or other distinguishing marks on it. Does anyone know what airline (if any) this plane is from? Thanks in advance.
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RE:same Experience (747)

Wed Mar 22, 2000 1:35 pm

Well I've saw one day a 747 without any mark of an airline..it was only white ..all the plane!! can anyone help us??
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RE: RE:same Experience (747)

Wed Mar 22, 2000 10:36 pm

Probably it is only a leased aircraft back to its original airline. We have the same thing at YUL. 2 Royal Aviation L1011 went to LanChile for 6 months and are now back in Montreal.
One of them is only white, the other one still has the LanChile paint scheme.

RE: Unidentified Airline?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 11:22 pm

The aircraft you saw was a Ryan Express 737-200. The flight was a charter which bought a boy scout troop to Rochester and the flight itself was operated by American Airlines. Attempts to find out the registration of the aircraft have proven unsuccessful, but if you call (718) 716 436 3880 they should be able to help with that (that number is the FAA Flight Supervisor number at ROC).

Hope this helps.

And greetings from Perth, Australia

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