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Concorde, Why Not Australia?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 7:30 pm

O.k, I think this topic has been brought up a number of times in the discussion room, but please, i need to know why Concorde cannot do flights to Australia.

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RE: Concorde, Why Not Australia?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 7:58 pm

I think you will find that Concorde visits Sydney and Cairns, maybe once or twice a year.
It would be good to see BA flying there Concorde London-Sydney (or Melbourne). Would this be possible non-stop, and app how long would it take?
Also, the Concorde should visit Melbourne!!!!!!!!

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RE: Concorde, Why Not Australia?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 8:59 pm

Many years ago (late 70's I think), SQ chartered the concorde to fly between London & Singapore, stopping at Bahrain. It ceased a short time later as countries were not tollerant of the sonic boom caused by the supersonic airliner.
Today the same applies, it is also very uneconomical to fly Concorde over such a distance with only 100 or so pax. The only market that can really sustain Concorde is LHR-JFK, & that has been proven by BA pulling Concorde out of Washington-Dulles & Miami. Air France also only operate (to my knowledge) their Concorde's between CDG & JFK.
Concorde will still & does operate charters to Sydney (& usually Auckland or Christchurch) as part of fly cruise type set ups, however you will never see it fly commercially or scheduled service to Sydney or Melbourne.

I will stand corrected if I am wrong, but this is my understanding!

Cheers - & I look fwd to flying Concorde one day myself!
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RE: Concorde, Why Not Australia?

Wed Mar 22, 2000 9:27 pm

BA also flies Concorde to Barbados.

If any airline (BA/AF) flew Concorde to Australia, that would be impossible to have that non-stop. The journey is too long for the Concorde. Let's assume it takes a stop in between: then it'll be going over Italy, Egypt, Iran, India, Indian Ocean, and a big portion of western Australia. This is why the route will not be implemented. The sonic boom is just too disturbing, and therefore you can now see Concorde flights are only applied on over-water routes (CDG-JFK or LHR-JFK).

Whenever the plane is not over water, it does not fly supersonic. This means an Air France Concorde will fly Mach 0.9x until it reaches the Atlantic. Before reaching eastern coast of USA, it reduces speed to subsonic.
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RE: Concorde, Why Not Australia?

Thu Mar 23, 2000 6:54 am

Although it would be a great service London-Oz by Concorder wouldn't really be much faster than the current one-stop service via SIN, BKK or KUL. Concorde's range is rather limited - so it will have to refuel twice along the way - losing time it would otherwise gain. The fuel it would burn would also deem the service uneconomical and fares would be exorbitant!