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EasyJet From Geneva To Gatwick?

Sat Jan 08, 2005 4:36 am

I've heard a lot about the poor service of LLC's in Europe and I'm going to Switzerland for a week. I need to get back to London Gatwick for my 11am back to Canada on a Sunday, and discovered EasyJet from Geneva to Gatwick arriving 7:30am in Gatwick. This seems so perfectly matched, or is it?

Is this connection too tight given it is a LCC? (or any airline?) Or should I book to arrive the night before, and get a place to stay around Gatwick for Saturday night? There is another EasyJet flight that departs/arrives in time for me to make my flight after this one, so a backup flight does exist. Anyone have an informed opinion?

I'm flying on Zoom airlines at 11am from Gatwick to Toronto, which is a Canadian-to-Europe LCC. So if I miss my flight I am not sure exactly how that would be resolved. Like weather delays or something.

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RE: EasyJet From Geneva To Gatwick?

Sat Jan 08, 2005 5:49 am


Flew easyJet from GVA to LTN a few years ago and now regularly fly them from INV to LTN & LGW. My experience of easyJet is that their turnaround time is often too optimistic and they gradually get later as the day wears on.

As you are catching an early morning flight, I would have thought 3.5 hours in Gatwick is enough however if you an unflexible ticket on Zoom and don't mind curtailing your stay in GVA I would opt for the overnight stay in Gatwick.

You could try looking on easyJets' website where they have a live flight arrivals page. Click on "flying with easyJet", then "live flight arrivals". This way you could see how often your flight is late (on average). However, Sods law says it runs on time every day except when you ctahc it and then it's hours late!
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